Is Television a Bad Influence on Children?

4 April 2017

It was hard for me to swallow the fact that I had to leave him because he was sick. Because he was incapable to be someone who can take care of me for the rest of my life. I knew what we had was an old-fashioned kind of love. We didn’t meet up that often. I had always been so shy and reserved around him. I was uncertain about a lot of things when we were together. But one thing I was always sure of was, that he loved me. He talked about me to his friends, and even to his students. He bragged how lucky he was to have owned me as his’.

What I had in my mind was that this man right there, was destined for me. I had been through quite a heartbroken moment previously and he was the only one my heart could approve that very moment. I never did say those three words to him. I don’t know why. I thought it is proper just to keep going on with him and sooner or later, when he is legally mine, I can finally utter the sacred lines. My dad was the first person who asked me to break off my bond with him. I was close to my dad, and I had to take that as an obligation for me to obey.

Is Television a Bad Influence on Children? Essay Example

He said, my lover wouldn’t last long and his cancer will worsen each passing day and he didn’t want to see me end up as a widow, post-marriage. I know it sounded so inhumane, for him to say that. I was torn. It wasn’t easy for me to ditch him and put an end to our long-term plan of marriage just because he’s a bone cancer victim. I was stuck between my genuine feelings towards him and my family’s demand. I cried every day thinking that not only I will lose him as my lover, but how soon he will leave this world, suffering from his illness.

My cousins and my siblings were worried about me. They showed up at my house, trying to shake me back to reality that there is always a plenty of fishes in the sea. That I’m still young and there are a couple of guys who will wait and treat me right. But I know it wouldn’t be the same like how he meant to me. I struggled each second to make believe that I can make it through this hurdle of life. I told myself over and over again that he maybe wasn’t meant for me. Because if he was, God will always find a way to help me spare with strengths to be with him again.

I was powerless and I decided to leave the town and stay with my foster sister, away from home, away from his presence, away from my choking reality. I left him for good. I learnt to build myself again there. I found things to do to take my mind off my grief and sadness. I confided to God regularly just to know whether my decision was right. I believed that I was doing the right thing because God constantly helped me through along my ways of healing myself. My life was installed back like before even it took me quite a long time to recover.

After almost one year and a half, I returned to my hometown for good. I got myself a job, and I was still single. I wasn’t attracted to anyone ever since him. He was still there, surviving his remaining days. He stood little chance to heal. I felt sorry for him but there was no turning back because I’ve made up my mind. I met a new guy through our mutual friends. He just moved in here for his duty and he was looking for someone he can be with as a life partner. I heard, he just broke off from his engagement too because his fiancee cheated on him and went for another man.

Practically, we were both single and available, and I didn’t hesitate to accept him walking into my life, because my friend here reassured me how a good man he is. It is about time for me to break out from all this heartbreak memories and start afresh with this new guy. Everything went well, and a couple of months before I wed him, my ex lover died of cancer. He was gone, and I felt a part of me was gone forever too with him. He knew that I had a new man in my arms, and he was devastated of course. To his dismay, he can’t do anything because he knew there was nothing else he can offer for me.

He can’t even afford to take care of himself, let alone myself. I couldn’t help shedding tears. I broke down for a while only to realize that I have to prepare myself for this new guy I’m going to marry. To be truth, I didn’t even have the chance to get to know him that well. I didn’t even have any deep feelings towards him. I figured out maybe it was proper to explore more about him soon. Not long after that incident, I tied the knot with the new man. There were no objections, no depression, and no obstacles. Nobody disapproved our relationship, because it was an arranged marriage.

Both of us, agreed to that and I got awkward when I first trying to adapt myself around him. He was a firm and ambitious man. I’ve always been into funny guys but it was rather hard to see him cracking laughs with me. At times, thoughts scattered in my mind and I finally had the guts to ask him, “Why did you marry me in the first place? We never really loved each other either. ”  He smiled back to me and he said, “Because a couple of months before I decided to take you as my wife, I prayed to God, asking whether you’re the one for me.

I’ve already liked you the first time I set my eyes on you. I just needed to be fully sure that you’re really meant for me, and not just because of some infatuation or mere attraction” I asked further, “Then, how do you know I am really meant for you? He really showed you, did He? ” “He gave plenty of signs to me. I saw you. Your presence in my dreams. And whenever I’m around you, event hough we haven’t really developed feelings for each other, you give me the serenity that I’ve always yearned from a woman. How can I not be so sure that you’re my destiny now? he answered convincingly. I went silent for a while. He’s right after all. Your favorite love, doesn’t always have to be your destiny despite that what I had with my ex lover was real. He could be someone else that you never thought he’d be. Somehow, someway, God has a better plan for me, and he was sent for me to prove that. And up until now, it has been 23 years we have been together and we are going stronger than ever. I love him more than every breath I could take and he really is a Godsend from above. Today, I told my daughter, Amirah Nadiah, this journey of mine.

I saw her tears welling up when I ended up the whole story. I know she’s irrevocably in love with her boyfriend and I do not know much things and the issues they are going through, but she has to know that love is love. It is not necessarily the same definition to destiny. I’ve made it clear to her that destiny is not something she can mess up with and the amount of love she had given to him does not determine how long will they last. That doesn’t mean she should not believe in this rocky relationship. Supposedly she has to urvive and fix the relationship but in the meantime, she has to have faith in His power. I want her to keep on praying to God so that she can see what’s best for her. Maybe she forgets that the Almighty is the one who controls it all. Now that she knows, I hope she gets what is she supposed to do after doing so. This is a strictly true story and I wish she could learn something from this. May Allah guide and give her the signs she has been seeking for all this while and may she have her wishes granted. Amin. Premise: argument+

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