Is the Common Cold Curable?

4 April 2015
A paper which introduces the common cold and discusses causes and possible cures.

The paper shows that the common cold is the commonest cause of visits to physicians with sales of over-the-counter cough and cold medications totaling more than $3 billion annually. The paper discusses causes, symptoms and the search for a cure for the common cold with a focus on zinc as a possible cure.
“The zinc must be absorbed into oral tissues where it can then diffuse into nasal tissues. Since colds actually begin in the nose and not the mouth, it would seem that a zinc nasal spray might work even better. Researchers thought so too and tried it. Zinc nasal sprays had a mild, temporary decongestant effect, but did not shorten the duration of the cold. Since nasal mucus is constantly being excreted, zinc diffusion into infected tissues against the flow of mucus is difficult if not impossible.

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