Is the Philippines Truly Free

9 September 2016

In terms of fashion, culture and economy, however, we cannot say the same. The Filipinos still suffer from colonial mentality. Music, fashion, customs and tradition and products of foreign countries, especially the so-called stateside, are still being patronized by most Filipinos, especially the youth who unabashedly mimic foreign singers, artists, including their lifestyles not minding to spend lots of money just to be “in” with these foreign idols. Thousands of Pinoys are also dying to migrate to other countries.

As a member of the Filipino youth of today I believe that I can somehow make the Philippines truly free by reversing the above negative attitudes. First, I will start from myself. I will think, talk and act like a true Filipino. I will live by the Filipino values like being polite and courteous, using “po”, “opo”, respect my parents, the elders and be fair to all. I will patronize Filipino made products so we can save the dollars of our country. I will visit and encourage visit to the local tourist spots. I shall lead by example by taking care of the environment.

Is the Philippines Truly Free Essay Example

I will recycle plastics and use biodegradable trash as organic fertilizer. By doing so, we can boost our country’s economy and awaken the sense of nationalism in each and every Filipino. Not only will our country be appreciated by our fellow Filipinos, but also by foreigners locally and internationally. Lastly, I will keep myself informed of the current social and national issues so I can express my views thereon. I will encourage the youth to do the same so we can preserve the democracy in our country alive and help it move forward.

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