Is The World as Bad as We Think?

2 February 2019

If you go to the gym, or turn your radio on, or pick up the daily newspaper, or visit the grocery store, or turn the news on TV, what do you hear? A man complaining about his weight loss. A song about the end times on the radio. Another small business failed in the paper. A clerk working at the grocery mart talking about a hurricane soon to destroy the coast of North Carolina. Bill Fraisher discussing that Japan may never recover from the tsunami. Is this world that we live in today really this bad? Is it really becoming worse every day?

I think the world is good, and it gets better everyday. We have better transportation. We have more leisure time than ever. We can visit our grocery store and buy food from all over the world. We have freedom of thinking that gives us the passion to build what we want, write what we want, see what we want, and think what we want. I like the world we live in today.

Is The World as Bad as We Think? Essay Example

No matter what world we live in, past, present or future, that world depends on the way we think. The only way any world is made better is for her people to think positively and to appreciate what we have. I would recommend that the guy at the gym be happy that he has a gym membership. I recommend the end times band should appreciate that the world hasn’t ended yet. I recommend that writer of the failed business article should write on how to not keep your own business from not failing. I recommend that the clerk thinks about what she could do for the victims of the hurricane in North Carolina.

A person who only thinks about herse himself will not be satisfied in the world that he lives in. A person that thinks his world and everything around him is gloom and doom, can change it. I truly think what we can do is lend a helping hand, give a dollar to Red-Cross, open a door for the old lady, or buy an apple for the homeless man. If everyone in the world did one good deed for someone else, and experienced the appreciation of that good deed, their world would be a good one.

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