Is there pride in serving in our military?

1 January 2018

When it comes to the U. S. Military, define pride as being proud of something one does or accomplishes every day, or one who finds pride In their country. There is a man, he did not serve in the military long.

But he learned a lot in his 8 years of serving. He served when there was really no war for America to fight in, so he was never deployed, but he still learned a lot about how the military works. This man that I am speaking of is my father. And yes, I asked him the exact question that I am answering for you today.Is there pride In serving In our military? ” He did not understand what was asking at first. But then I explained to him that the question is basically asking, should and American be proud to serve in the U. S.

Is there pride in serving in our military? Essay Example

Military, after I asked him he thought for second. Then looked at me and said “absolutely yes. ” I fully agree with my father. Now the question is why? Why did I decide to agree? Well, I agree because if someone is serving in the U. S. Military they fight everyday for the largest free country In the world.I find that as something to be very proud of, cause they are willing to fight for the country they love.

They are willing to risk their lives for their friends, their neighbors, their family and the men and women whom they have never met who live in the united States of America. These men and women serving are so selfless that they are willing to go to an unfamiliar country in not the best o conditions, away from their friends and families with the possibility of never returning and never seeing them again.This soldier Is fighting on the front line with only their brother or sister in arms to trust with their fife and this soldier is trusted with their life also. This soldier has to wake up every morning to just a picture of their family because they don’t get to see their family as often as they like. Some people are saying “no” to the question, “Is there pride In serving In our military I am okay with their opinion. But, their reasoning may be that when a soldier goes into the military and goes to boot camp the commanding officers tear this soldier down emotionally and not try to build that soldier back up.I disagree, hen a soldier goes into boot camp, yes, their commanding officers do tear them down.

I do agree with that but, they do build them back up with respect for their superiors, respect for God, respect for their family, and respect for their country. So, In conclusion, my answer to the question “Is their pride In serving In our putting their lives on the line to give us freedom everyday. It gives me the freedom to be standing in the spot that I am standing in now. It gives you the freedom to have the type of music that is on your pod right now.It gives us all the freedom to be wearing the things we are wearing now. It gives us the freedom to be educated. The freedom to choose our Jobs.

The freedom to decide whether or not we want to serve in the military. I could name many more freedoms for you but that would take all day. These men and women that serve or have served at some point in time have every right to have pride. They are selfless enough to fight for me and each and every one of you every single day. These men and women are the reason I am proud to be an American. Thank you.

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