Is torture acceptable

7 July 2016

Torture involves deliberately inflicting physical or mental pain on a person without legal cause. This includes threats to family members and loved ones. But, before you object that there can’t ever be a legal cause for inflicting pain, consider painful medical treatments, soldiers wounded in a legally declared war, or contestants in a boxing match. Torture is fair and right .

Torture has been used as a punishment, to intimidate, control, or to get information from people. For example, in a time ticking bomb scenario there is a bomb that will detonate in a public area somewhere very soon. The person who planted the bomb is the only one who knows where it’s location is.

Is torture acceptable Essay Example

That person is being held by the police/intelligence agency, he is refusing to disclose the location of the bomb under interrogation. The three reasons torture is justified in this scenario are that; firstly there is a specific time pressure and the knowledge that there is no other possible way to retrieve the information. Secondly, why just give up and let hundreds or thousands die when there is an alternative. Thirdly, because the man is strongly assumed to be guilty, he deserves punishment for his actions!

Although torture can be used to save lives as was previously stated. The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights does not approve torture.The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights states in article 5 that “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman degrading treatment or punishment.” So based on this document regardless of what that person previously done or have got accused of he still has rights and they should not be violated. Laws are here for a reason to keep order and to make sure everyone is treated right and fair. If we just go ahead and disregard instead of embracing the law there will be mayhem.

Another reason torture is right is because despite of whether the terrorist is right or not, it is still the duty of a democratic State to protect its citizens. This is because of the ‘social contract’.Citizens support the State because collectively there are certain social goals that can only be achieved through an organized body. In this instance, individual citizens are unable to protect themselves, so the State steps in. If the purpose of the State is to achieve these goals, it is irrelevant whether that terrorist is right or not. When that terrorist has stepped outside the ‘social contract’ by damaging the State, the terrorist is no longer protected by the State and is not owed any civil rights that go with it.

In conclusion torture is fair and right in every way. Not only to protect the people of the United States but, for the land we have time and time again fought for. Security is very important to us, once anyone creates a threat to national security it becomes a problem. The Department of Defense will do whatever it takes to keep this country safe and sound from harm.

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