Is True Courage Synonymous with Risk?

5 May 2019

No, true courage doesn’t alway require you to put something of high importance at risk. Jumping out of an airplane is not courageous because you are risking your life, but it is foolish. My own definition of true courage is being able to overcome internal battles and struggles, no matter how fearful you are.

From as young as I can remember, writing has been a passion of mine. I’d sit in my room, scribbling down my thoughts and though I loved writing, I refused to show anyone. I was incredibly fearful of being judged and the possible rejection that I might receive. When I got into high school my freshman year, I debated whether or not I should apply for the newspaper staff. No one had ever read my work which made me unsure if I had the talent to write. This internal debate went on for months, eating up my stomach until finally I took a leap of faith and applied for the staff. Now, two years later, I have become a section editor for the paper. If I had not had the courage to overcome my fears, not matter how worried I was, I would have never gained the experiences I have now.

Is True Courage Synonymous with Risk? Essay Example

Having courage doesn’t mean that the situation will turn out as planned or in a positive light. You will never know the outcome of courage unless you make yourself vulnerable and available. For instance, a student at a public school stands up for his belief in Christianity because someone is criticizing him. Although the way he is perceived by others is important, he is not willing to sacrifice his beliefs. It took courage to stand up for himself while his peers were mocking him.

True courage is reconizged by being able to conquor your greatest fears. It is not putting your life or other things of high importance at risk.

You can be courageous while being wise in your decisions.

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