Isak Strand Vs. Toe by Isak Strand

7 July 2019

Isak Strand

Many people do not know of Isak. He was once on the Swedish version of American idol. However he has an enormous amount of talent. If you would like to listen to him, he post most of his songs on youtube, and they are available for purchase on Itunes.

I feel that Isak actually has meaning behind his songs. Songs that came from the heart. I feel that some artist don’t even know what they are singing about. They don’t have emotions behind their words and it is just some random songwriter giving them words to sing to make money.

His first album is called You, Me, and Yes You too by Isak Strand and the resin brand. He has such relatable songs in this album. In “oh how I hate this town” he talks about the love that he lost in where he lives. He talks about all sorts of different things that every listener is sure to find something that they like.

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I really like “Skinny Boy”, just has a cool vibe.

In his newest album, called Isak Strand Vs. T.O.E. He has another group of great songs. Each of them has something great about it. They use many instruments. Lately the only instruments that they use in most songs are guitars and keyboards and drums. But you can hear all sorts of sounds in this album. My favorite is either “Save my Soul” or “Feeling Nothing.”

I encourage all of you to buy his songs. He is a starting artist and could use some followers!

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