Islam – the Religion of Peace

4 April 2015
A look at Islam as a religion and its views on terrorism.

A paper which looks at the religion of Islam and how it follows God’s word on peace. The paper studies Islamic believers reaction to terrorism that is in the name of a holy Jihad. The paper provides historical views and also a look at the terrorism events of the September 2001 attack.
However, the squads sent to America in September 2001 attacked civilians -there was no declaration of war and no military presence to attack. It is sheer cowardice to hide behind women, children and defenseless men, the fanatics of Osama bin laden are therefore cowards in the hideous sense of the word. Therefore, a solution is needed to avoid further bloodshed and destruction, however, what is the solution? One simple solution is racial and religious tolerance without any interference from the politicians and zealous fanatics.
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