Islam The Straight Path Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

Islam The Straight Path Essay, Research Paper

Islam The Straight Path Essay Research Paper Essay Example

Islam The Straight Path

An rating of the book by John L. Esposito: Islam The Straight Path.

In this book, Esposito provides a compendious, up-to-date study of the Islamic experience, an debut to the religion, belief, and pattern of Islam from its beginnings to its modern-day revival. He traces the outgrowth and development of this dynamic religion and its impact on universe history and political relations. He discusses the formation of Islamic belief and pattern ( jurisprudence, divinity, doctrine, and mysticism ) , chronicling the battle of Muslims to specify and adhere to their Islamic manner of life. Equally of import is the indispensable information Esposito provides on the modern-day universe of Islam, from Muslim responses to the challenges of colonialism and modernisation to the reaffirmation of Islam in political relations and society.

This introductory book in the instruction of Islam and Islamic manner of life by Esposito can be categorized in three different subdivisions with assorted sub-tittles.

First subdivision dressed ores on structural elements of Islam that includes Messenger

and the Message ; that are Muhammad and the Holy Koran.

Second subdivision is about The outgrowth of Islamic individuality, as the Muslim Community, which includes the belief and the pattern of the faith.

And eventually the modern Interpretations of Islam.

Esposito introduces three constructs ; in the first three chapters he explains what Islam is. I believe that he did an first-class occupation in showing pre-Islamic clip for Arabia and its encompassing part. But I besides believe that concentrating on Muhammad & # 8217 ; s ( PBUH ) life has small relevant to Islam. Because Islam is based chiefly on the completion message of God to the World. I believe if a non-Muslim reader attempt were to understand Islam through this book he or she would compare it to the construct of Jesus, or David the Texan cult leader, and many others.

I found that Esposito guides its readers to a clear apprehension of Muslims and non-Muslim prospective. However, he is a manager of centre for Muslim-Christian apprehension. Esposito has emphasized on the sanctum Quran, Gods message and the courier. I besides believe that he has introduced a clear guideline for Muslims and their pattern. Puting out their Torahs, beliefs, attitudes, values, and other spiritual duties. I besides found that Esposito writes with good academic purposes and composing on Islam from a western position. Esposito describes the worlds of the Muslim universe in their battle to specify their societal, political, and economical individuality. Although, he points that many of these aspirations are kept short due to miss of strong and faithful governments in the Muslim universe.

As Esposito, introduces the religion, belief, and the pattern of Islam from pre-historic times one can clearly see the spiritual events and the battle of a faith through clip. As on page 31, Esposito says, & # 8221 ; Muslims throughout the centuries, the message of the Koran and the illustrations of the Prophet & # 8221 ; are the indispensable edifice axis of Muslim life. He besides e

mphasizes on the importance of Islam history and civilisation, because he believes that they are the ” record of that battle to construe and to follow the Straight Path.” ( Esposito 31:1998 )

Esposito besides, introduces the thought of Modernism, that Islamic times have non merely merely brought faith entirely but besides economic and military adversities to the West, as he puts it, & # 8220 ; dispute to western engineering & # 8221 ; . The impact of western imperialism has besides impacted the Islamic universe. As the book evolves, he talks about Modern states ; secular, Muslim and Islamic. Giving illustrations, such as Turkey being in the layman sector, Iran as the Islamic, and eventually the Muslim sector of modern states including Jordan and Egypt.

Coming to an terminal at the Muslims of Western Europe, the presence of Muslims in Europe is non a new force, but a coevals of besieging and conquer. Over the old ages Ottomans and other missionaries have put forward their thought of Islam in many parts of Europe, including Bosnia and Romania.

The Importance of Understanding Muslims and Islam:

Moslems and Islam are two related footings, at the same clip different in its application. Let us first talk about the importance of understanding the term Muslims. Moslems are people who belong to the faith Islam. Muslims could move in assorted ways, showing their actions otherwise, a Muslim from India or South Africa. Another good illustration of a Muslim position would be, the public presentation of their political and sect actions.

For illustration, Saidi Qutb of Egypt believed the West is corrupt in their actions and he has different position of the West. The other illustration would be Saudi Arabia & # 8217 ; s credence of United States Forces to set down in the holy topographic point of Islam and welcoming the West.

Our 2nd inquiry trades with the apprehension of Islam. The message that this faith brings to the universe is of import to understand that Islam claims the holy message of God, a force that has brought a completion to the Hagiographas of the three sanctum books of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Islam is a faith that has brought peace, enlightenment, and integrity to the faithful. I feel that this book could steer Muslims and non-Muslims in organizing clear positions on specific Islamic spiritual issues.

In decision, throughout the book & # 8220 ; Islam the Straight Path & # 8221 ; , many apprehensions come about by looking at the many battles of any peculiar community. For the intent of this book reappraisal, I went through the book to hold on an apprehension of the rubric & # 8220 ; The Straight Path & # 8221 ; . For many centuries Muslims around the universe have experienced the transmutation of their society. The of import forces that build Islam and Muslims together are the spiritual life, religion, beliefs and patterns. Today Muslims around the universe face many challenges of leaders that build the community whether it is a secular or an

Muslim state. As illustrations given earlier about modernisation which includes states such as Turkey and on the other side of the spectrum the pattern of Islamic Shariah. As a concluding note, my chief aim from this book reappraisal is to see Islam from the oculus of Muslims and Non-Muslims alike.

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