Isle of Innisfree by Emmet Cahill/Celtic Thunder

8 August 2019

“Isle of Innisfree” is one of many songs that Emmet Cahill sang with Celtic Thunder during his time in the group. He sang this song during their show “Mythology.” Isle of Innisfree is a song about an Irish emigrant longing for his homeland. This is has been performed by a lot of different people throughout the years. Including, Celtic Woman, Orla Fallon, Phil Coulter, and Bing Crosby to name just a few.
Emmet’s version is my favorite one of out all of the different versions out there. Just like all of the other songs that he sings I feel that he sings this song with a lot of emotion. I also like the arrangement of this particular version too. I feel that the arrangement adds to the feeling of this song.This was the first and last time that the song “Isle of Innisfree” was performed in Celtic Thunder.

Isle of Innisfree by Emmet Cahill/Celtic Thunder Essay Example

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