Isles & Glaciers The Hearts of Lonely People

9 September 2019

I’ve always been a fan of alternative and scene music, including bands like Pierce the Veil, Underminded, Chiodos, and Emarosa. So when I heard that members from each of these groups were teaming up to create Isles & Glaciers, I was beyond excited. Over a year later, “The Hearts of Lonely People” was released, and it’s absolutely incredible.

Isles & Glaciers has three distinct singers. Jonny Craig (of Emarosa) has a ridiculous amount of natural talent, and could probably pull off singing the Dora the Explorer theme song. Craig Owens (of Chiodos) has a high but powerful voice. Vic Fuentes (lead singer of Pierce the Veil, and my favorite) is passionate and unique. The trio manages to overlap, support, and showcase each other’s voices in a way that sounds right.

Isles & Glaciers uses a little (and I mean very little) screaming, which should not scare off listeners. The CD is incredibly soothing, something I never expected.

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“Cemetery Weather” and “Viola Lion” are powerful but still relaxing.

Since purchasing the CD, I’ve blasted it in the car, fallen asleep to it, done homework with it, and sang it in the shower. It fits all activities. I don’t know how they managed to create this equilibrium.

On top of the multifunctional sound, the songs all have amazing lyrics. Whether Fuentes is singing “She can make the salt taste like sugar on her hands,” by himself or joining Owens in “She said ‘I love you but you’re difficult’ / Words I’ve heard so many times before but those words don’t mean a thing / They never meant a thing before you,” the lyrics contain great meaning.

After listening to “The Hearts of Lonely People,” I’ve realized why they call collaborations like this “super groups.” The styles, influences, and sounds of each weave together to create a dynamic, awesome debut album. Check it out. You will not regret it.

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