Isn’t that a Rock Band?

4 April 2015
A look at anthrax, its causes, treatments and effects.

This paper deals with the disease anthrax and the bacterium that causes it. Included is information on history, tests, where it is found, how and who contracts it, symptoms, treatments, and uses as a biological weapon.
Since the events of September 11 shocked our nation we have become increasingly concerned with the possibility of further terrorist attacks. President Bush has already added a new member to his cabinet; Tom Ridge now serves as the Homeland Defense Secretary. Words such as anthrax and biological warfare, which are not usually seen unless you look for them, can now be found almost every time you turn on the television, pick up the newspaper or log-on to the internet. If you had taken a survey of Americans three months ago asking them What is anthrax? the most common response next to I don’t know` would probably have been `Hey, isn’t that a rock band? Now it can almost be considered a household word. Since September 25th several people in the United States have become infected with a disease called anthrax, some have even died, because of exposure to letters containing a white powder from an, as of yet, unknown mailer. When used as a biological weapon, anthrax posses a serious threat to people and the environment and therefore should not be used as such.

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