Israel-Palestinian Conflict

4 April 2015
This paper argues the Israel-Palestinian conflict from the author’s point of view.

This paper attempts to find a solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict. It covers these areas:
The Issue
Background to the Tensions and the Present State of the Conflict:
Justification for Continued Israeli Occupation
Past US Role in the Israeli Palestine Conflict
Possible Reasons for the American Administration’s Current Inaction
Saudi Peace Plan
Recent UN Resolution
A Proposal to Resolve the Problem
“As violence escalates in Palestine, the intractable problem becomes even more intractable. Intense fighting between Israelis and Palestinians, the most intense inside the borders of the former Palestine since Israel’s creation in 1948, are claiming a daily toll in double digits. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s increasingly tough tactics are exacerbating the conflict. A war of attrition is going on that has the potential to escalate into an all out regional war.”
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