Issues in Medical Ethics

4 April 2015
An examination of the social, psychological and ethical issues concerned with death.

This paper looks at issues of death and the medical ethics involved . The author examines the phenomena of comas and brain death and the moral and ethical dilemmas concerned.
“Looking back throughout the history of medicine, there was a time when people believed that death occurred when the heart stopped and breathing ceased. Cessation of respiration was often determined by placing a feather beneath the nose of the patient where it would move with the slightest breath. A doctor simply placed their ear on the patient’s chest and listened for a heartbeat to determine if the person was still alive. However, since little was known about states of limited or nonexistent consciousness in which a heartbeat was undetectable to the human ear, some people were buried alive. Tragedies like this made it clear that new methods were needed to determine when a person was considered dead. ”

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