Issues Regarding the Public School System in the U..S

4 April 2015
This paper examines the problems with the public school system and possible solutions.

Examines the history and aims of the public school system and its declining quality and proposed solutions. The school vouchers and charter schools solutions are reviewed and alternative systems are looked at. The author concludes that the public school system itself needs changes rather than changing the entire system.
“The Public School System in the United States was one of the primary and prevailing forms of education in the country at present. The public school system was established as early as 1837 in Massachusetts, wherein Horace Mann, a Bostonian reformist, became the first secretary of the Massachusetts board for the coordination of the public school system. In 1839, the first public school was established, and in 1852, the “first compulsory school-attendance law” was passed in the Massachusetts legislature. By the year 1918, every state in the US was already under this school-attendance law. Public schooling flourished when the Land-Grant Act (or the Morill Act) was approved in 1862, which provided “federal land” to the states for use in establishing public schools.”

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Issues Regarding the Public School System in the U..S
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