The Kardashians as a Reflection of Society

10 October 2018

It is clear from watching people emulate the styles of dress and talk that appear in media, that media has a socializing influence. What is not clear, despite nearly 50 years of empirical research, is how much socializing influence the media has when compared to other agents of socialization, which include any social institution that passes along norms, values, and beliefs (such as peers, family, religious institutions, and the like).

Even while the media is selling us commodity and pleasing us, it also aid to socialize us, helping us pass along standard, values, and beliefs to the next generation. In truth, we are socialized and reserialized by media throughout our life succession. Reality television has affected many areas of society negatively. With all the exposure on the negative aspects, are there positive points if one goes searching, but does it outweigh the bad enough to turn the cheek to the major shifts in society’s tone.Reality TV shows are the ultimate illusion makers. Media has a sense of reality that subconsciously distorts our perception of it. These reality shows have a great influence on society for they promote negativity and vanity over humility, resulting in a influenced society that’s concerned about what people think.

The Kardashians as a Reflection of Society Essay Example

Material wealth evokes the “worst” of our culture—materialism, vanity, narcissism, and greed—qualities the Kardashians symbolize. Almost every episode is a clear example of these woman lacking humility and have a tone of entitlement when it comes to getting what they want. Being happy with the basics which is what most learn through life and the lessons growing up, is completely out of understanding with this family. They want more and the price of getting it isn’t an issue. Some viewers watching these behaviors could transfer over these values to live by their own since the show models it works so nicely and effortlessly for them.Some refuse to believe that the entertainment and media they are exposed to effects them, but this is simply untrue. Everything that one encounters, affects them.

Without realizing it, reality shows have and still are distorting the views of body image with what is accepted and what needs to be changed, to be accepted. Most have been augmented, viewers are supposed to believe that these shows are indicative of real life and the people in them are perfection. With the Kardashian throwing money to get what looks they want as an everyday assurance, including plastic surgeries, it isn’t a lapse of understanding why the rates have grown with young women and going under the knife. The social comparison of one’s body image is being greatly affected and show like keeping up with Kardashian has played a part in this. When watching these shows the resounding message is that ordinary may as well be synonymous with worthless. Women are becoming desensitized to their emotional needs and instead use beauty as a temporary band-aid.Reality television shows has affected many areas of society negatively because the world has allowed what is being seen on television, not only dictate but copy and define, what society seems to think is real life situations.

Even though the Kardashian play a huge part in the influence they do represent success and achievement of the American dream to some. So, this family of wealth has maintained to stay on television for quite sometime which is more than most reality shows. Outside of being materialistic the Kardashian show a tight weaved family bond with each other and how important that really is. Perspectival speaking what is positive isn’t compared to what the damage is and could be with reality shows. It’s sad truth that so many Americans want to emulate a family whose chief interests seem to be materialism and wealth accumulation – ambitions. kkk show inhibits social interaction. Kardashian family reflects all that is commercialism and overconsumption.

Think about how much has changed in society (whether we realize it or not) because of social media. Social media allows individuals to gather and express themselves in a much more simple and immediate fashion. By giving people this capability, they not only can share ideas, opinions and other contents, but also (if they wish) gain notoriety, and expand their influence. It is evident that media has a socializing control. Social media has forever changed the way society works. Society today is on the approach of a new way of prevailing that it’s never experienced before. Society will continue to break down if these trends continue to be more casual or acceptable.

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