It Is Not Goodness to Be Better Than the Worst

1 January 2017

It is not goodness to be better than the worst. ’’ Most people, when given an assignment, will do the least possible work required to at least pass. Obviously, with newer and newer technologies, people have becomes lazy over time. If one is near death, it doesn’t mean that they are equal to one who is completely fine. There are countless examples for a quote such as this. Students may only meet the minimal requirements for a project just for it to be barely enough to pass.

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It Is Not Goodness to Be Better Than the Worst
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Having more work done allows for the overall grade to exceed what would have been written at the minimal requirements. I remember when I was in sixth grade, my teacher assigned the class a two hundred word summary of what we learned about during history time. To us this seemed like a lot, but we managed to have it completed by the due date. I ended up having an essay longer than the requirements, as did other students, but there were a few who chose to write only two hundred words or a bit more. The students who wrote well over the two hundred minimum were given extra credit.

I was very happy with my extra credit, but others weren’t happy when they got a lower grade due to their summary containing many mistakes such as misspellings and grammatical errors. Sometimes, being better than another will have a major impact on both people. The better one will act snobbish and ignorant to those who just want to help him. Because of these changes, the lesser individual will comport oneself to believe he is lesser and will keep believing so for a long time. Unless he realizes that it was just one time, he will continue to believe his potential is not as great as the greater man.

This quote is confusing me at this point, it is good to not be the worst but there is a difference. It’s good to write long essay and receive a good mark, but don’t be snobby. But if one is not the worst, but has received a bad mark on the same assignment, then he still has not been good. In “Mills is worst performing West African leader” (2012), Fiifi Arhin asserts that President Mills has not completely been the worst leader, but rather the “10th worst performing leader of 2011”. Arhin lists the even worse Presidents and states that it could not completely have been their faults as “other factors came into play”.

The many examples used in the article are former Presidents that have done remarkably inferior work that President Mills. This article is written in a demeaning tone towards the Presidents, and persuades the audience with facts. With these examples, I have finally made a decision to agree with this week’s latin quote. It is not great to be the worst. To be slightly better than that of the worst is still seen as poor. It is great to be the best. But if you are not the best nor worst you are in the middle, and that is a confusing place to be.

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