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1 January 2017

The quick development and change of the e-commerce went through from Internet boom,. Com craze and more the stock market at all time highs, etc. With the efficient valuable, convenient, capture potential customers, increasing sales benefits are the big threaten to CI business. The CI business background is simple and steady growth, and very content with the way they were. Since the product line had always been the same. Professional measuring tools for electricians sold through a sales force.

From the perspective of industry and business background, at first, the company primarily through small, local acquisitions expanded to internationally. In 1998, Catatech’s revenues were nearly US$2 billion; the company is very enjoying steady growth and a healthy cash flow. Now which terrified Marisa, CIO of Catatech is the web site of “ E- herramientas” a company who provide the very similar product line to their own, available overnight anywhere in the world via Federal Express, complete with product descriptions, usage and recommendation, also provide on-line support on” ask the expert” project help.

It Management Essay Example

E-herramientas business transformation model which catch up with the step of the business development contains with challenges and opportunities which driven by consumer to consumer market platform, as a means of resource expansion, while Catatech don’t have. “E-herramientas” e commerce model is a big threatens to Catatech’s traditional selling way. The biggest benefit of conducting business online is to expand efficient and valuable than traditional sales, increase the revenue.

With the urgency to communicate to Carlos to build up electronic commerce, it’s the right time to call out the evolution, since Carlos was low-key, quiet, and conservative; a man proud of his company’s accomplishments and company the Board, Marisa need to have a deep conversation to communicate him with a detailed SWOT analysis of the transformation business.

From internal perspective, The Strengths, 1st, ability to compete with other company globally and locally. Implementing an e-commerce business solution allows companies to expand their customer base to a global level without considerable time or expense. 2nd, Low overhead cost and low barrier to entry. Startup costs for an e-commerce retail operation are a fraction of the costs of starting a traditional brick and mortar company. 3rd, help to build customer’s loyalty.

E commerce will help to create an easier means for customers to purchase the items and offers a unique way to display and information description in a visual and interactive way. So, the customers will become more loyal shoppers each time they visit. Also for company self, which will deduct inventory cost. The Weakness, 1st, Catatech selling way is through sales force representative, it’s the very traditional way for the limitation for customers choose in time wise. nd, higher maintaining, resource, people cost for running retail business. 3rd, delivery is inefficiency, customer have to take the items away by themselves rather than delivery from website, 4th, customers are limited by local not globally. 5th, sales process is complex and complicated compared with ecommerce.

From external perspective, The Opportunity, 1st,run the business globally, develop potential customer global exposure, adding an e-commerce to a business allows the company to sell their products to a global market. nd, a 24*7 running business, high availability of unlimited store hours, giving customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to shop and buy items from you. 3rd, strong end to end business networking, to increase traffic and search engine placement for the orders. This open lines of communication on end-to-end business level and aids in the cooperation between companies and end consumers. The consumer can leave their comments after the transaction; the company can note the advantage and disadvantage at this platform, also can amend the improvement at the first moment.

The Threats, 1st, Competition, The low barriers and the comparatively low overhead costs allow a for a relative easy entry into the market. This increases the level competition and can cause a reduction in prices and profit margins. 2nd, the safety of the system, like threats from an actual attacker; and technological failure need to be considered. From the above prospective, it’s obviously that the pros is overcome cons, Catatech needs to push forward ecommerce now, otherwise, will find ourselves out of business.

The tentative and localized internet initiatives need to be formalized, So, its need to get the approval from the Board and Carlos in a preliminary strategy, an organizational initiative, and funding as well. 3. If Catatech decide to create their own website, below actions need to be done: First and foremost, be the one marketing organization, formalized the localized internet initiative, let consumer view the product information and local dealers, which could undermining the local marketing and sales force.

Good marketing strategy forms the basis of the operational strategy, in order to attract customers to the e-commerce website and ensure a pattern of sales.. 2nd, streamline the sales process and set the standard price structure in each region. 3rd, formalized regional system into a same basis platform, which can streamline the operation process. 4th, detailed product information and online service need to be tailored to end consumer. Last but not least, maintain system safety and stable also consumer’s privacy concerns.

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