It Used to Be Green Once

3 March 2017

The short stories It Used to Be Green Once by Patricia Grace and Revenge Gardening by Sue Harper have many differences. The children are all ashamed of their mother because of how she acts and the car she drives in the beginning of the first story while in the beginning of the second the child is very proud of his mother and her garden. How well the children listen to their mothers is very different between the two, because in the first the children always obey the mother even when they don’t want to while in the second the boy disobeys his mother several times.

Finally each story has a very different ending, in the first the family wins the lottery and they all live happily ever after and in the second the mother eventually loses the gardening battle to the neighbors. Both stories while they contain similar main characters have many differences. In It Used to Be Green Once the children at the start were very ashamed and embarrassed of their mother. This is shown when they try to keep her from doing the shopping because they don’t want her to be seen in public, and whine about the swimming suits that she makes them wear.

Finall tibet …. warfare while the women bare the children, do the gardening, fetch water and respond to the needs of the husband. The film depicts a scene of revenge where the …. (1220 5 ) An Unexpected Arrival …. ‘Why’ magazines, gardening catalogues, Reader’s Digest Prize Draw replies and other things alike. …. He wanted revenge over that man Sam Bull. …. (959 4 ) The mother in It Used to Be Green Once is a very powerful lady that always gets obedience from her children whether they like it or not.

Eventually he sneaks out of his house and assists them with planting the tree that ruins his mother”tms garden. The endings are not the same and leave you feeling completely different after reading each one. Matt, the main character in Revenge Gardening starts off being very proud of his mother because she is an excellent gardener. Even when she made her child wear a swim suit that was much too big for her the child still obeyed because she knew otherwise there would be worse to come.

The mothers are looked up to very differently in each however, being respected like a drill sergeant in one and having their child sneak out and betray them in the other. The ending in Revenge Gardening is quite different because it is not happy at all. Some topics in this essay: Revenge Gardening, Sue Harper, Gardening Matt, revenge gardening, , proud mother, similar main characters, family wins, disobeys mother times, family wins lottery, neighbors stories, children obey, disobeys mother, wins lottery, story green, similar main, main characters,

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