It’s A Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind

8 August 2019

Christine Lavin – “It’s a Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind” What do Barry Manilow, Stevie Nicks, and Pee Wee Herman all have in common? They’re prisoners of their wardrobe. At least that’s what Christine Lavin thinks. She even went as far as to write a song about it. My father first introduced me to Christine’s music with her CD, “It’s a Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind.” The music grows on me like an addiction each time I listen to this CD. Just one glance at the cover tells me that she has a unique sense of creativity. She is lying down staring off into some other world as if she is madly in love, probably thinking about the guy she went on a date with the night before. What she is actually thinking about, though, is how wonderful it would be to order a large pizza topped with everything after the photo shoot is over. The CD begins with a light upbeat tune entitled “It’s a Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind.” The song is about a man who she will do anything for to impress, even if it means sitting through the most complex opera or trying sushi for the first time. She even hurls herself down a ski slope scared for her life while exclaiming, “It’s so exhilarating!” It is the kind of experience that everyone can relate to. Christine has a way of intertwining her life in her clever lyrics. In one song she sings about her trip to Santa Monica and how all the “palm trees look a little bit like Tina Turner from behind.” In a later track she chants to the music of a flute while describing herself as wanting to become a mysterious woman by defrosting her refrigerator or reading Crime and Punishment for fun. Christine Lavin takes a fresh approach to the music. She is unlike any other singer I have heard. Her soothing voice complements the soft relaxing music while, at the same time, giving the listener one of her deep witty philosophies to think about. I imagine Christine would be a remarkable person to have a conversation with. This is a great CD for those hectic days when you come home exhausted, just want to soak in the tub for a while to unwind. Just turn on the tunes and keep an open mind and let the lyrics drift through your ears. . Review by J. S., Old Orchard Beach, ME

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