Its all crazy! Its all false! Its all a dream! Its alright by mewithoutYou

8 August 2019

The band mewithoutYou has been around the past couple of years providing fans with outstanding material. This bands outlandish lyrics that consist of almost a “yelling” that is mixed with beautiful harmonies makes a remarkable, unique sound. In this new album though, the band looks to have taken a new direction. It consists of mostly folk, acoustic sounds, with songs like “The Fox, the Crow, and the Cookie” and “Timothy Hay”. Also, the new sound is heard in the opener “Every thought a though of You”, a song with christian meanings that is soft and imminent. The closing song also enhances the current sound with celebratory singing that is truly splendid. However, the band does happen to provide a little bit of the old sound with the song “Bullet to Binary Pt. 2”, which is a sequal to a previous song, it incorporates more of a rock sound with faster, more upbeat drums, and a heavier bass line, which the rest of the album seems to lack. But even though this albumn may seem like a dissapointing change for the band at first, the slow, peaceful melodies and optimistic, hidden lyrics told through unique parables creates a brilliant, divine album.

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