It's All Happening by Iwrestledabearonce

12 December 2019

In order to fully appreciate Iwrestledabearonce, I believe you must completely listen to the entire album before reaching a verdict on this band. The genre of this music can only be described by saying it defies all genres. One second, the song may be playing a folk style tune but then transition into metal, which is the bulk of their sound. Iwrestledabearonce is a group of 20 somethings from Shreveport, Louisiana. The band members all have a certain sense of humor, which reveals itself in many of the lyrics as well as musical style. For example, one song features a few seconds recorded using a $20 dollar amp. As strange as this may sound, this actually adds to the effect of the song. Part of the appeal of this album to me was the fact that it was all over the place. Never knowing what to expect, I was always kept on my toes and thoroughly entertained. The guitar in this album is amazing as well as technical. Often times I would find myself thinking “how on earth did they play that part?” One thing that makes this band even more unique is that they use a female vocalist. Female vocalists in the world of metal are few and far between, let alone a girl who has jaw dropping screams such as Krista, the vocalist for Iwrestledabearonce. Iwrestledabearonce shines because of their unique sound, the quickly changing sounds, and the lighthearted approach the band members take to being in a band. All in all, “It’s all Happening” is a wonderfully crafted album that sometimes makes no sense but always is an enjoyable ride that leaves you feeling happy in the end. Iwrestledabearonce isn’t for everyone and may be an acquired taste to some, but once that taste is acquired, you will be left wanting more!

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