Izmir National University

12 December 2016

The case explains the process of introduction of INU, a Turkish University established in 2000. It aimed to assist the growth and development of areas related to economy, engineering, science, etc in Europe. Five years prior its opening, It reached 9300 students and projected to start off a new Business School. However, it faced several issues mainly: a shortage on faculty members (only 26 professors), inefficient screening selection processes and inconsistent administrative responsibilities.

The new department Dean faced several issues towards guaranteeing the adequate development of this department upon his arriving and thus decided to brainstorm with its teaching staff. Perhaps the collected ideas did not help significantly, though they may assist him with his decision making in the near future. His biggest decision consists of whether continue growing (more students and staff) or guarantee quality of education (teaching and making research). Based on the main goal selected by INU, the following analysis has been made considering qualitative standards that would provide more significant outcomes in the long run.

Izmir National University Essay Example

Questions 1. What do the comments by the faculty tell you about INU’s strategy? The opinions expressed by faculty members differ completely and do not follow the same direction and criteria towards fulfilling INU’s strategy (teaching staff seems to be uninformed and unmotivated). There should be considered more Human Resources techniques in order to work with better standards and procedures. In fact, an HR department should be established. This one must be able to conduct efficient screening processes and training when hiring new teaching staff.

Besides, it should work along the Business School, creating a better, solid and consistent curriculum. With that, some of the issues expressed by faculty members will reflect a similar pattern, opening more opportunities to enhance capabilities in the Business Program. 2. What would you recommend the Dean do regarding the Business School’s strategic planning process? What role would you recommend the Dean play in this process? The Dean should take into consideration 4 aspects in the management of the Business School. First, an extensive revision and modification of the main goals and curriculum must be executed.

Constructing a SWOT analysis may help to understand the current department’s needs and challenges. The Business Department should be seen as a company which produces a unique product “students”, where the manufacturers “teachers” play an important role with its administrations and management (Dean/ department administrative). Second, the main target to be reach in the next 5 years should be decided. The business school must decide whether expansion (more enrollments) or quality of education should be the image of the school which will guarantee success in the future.

Third, a team oriented philosophy must be carried out, delegating responsibilities at all times. The creation of a committee of professors should ensure the continued success of students, curriculum improvement and research. This will allow the Dean to foresee more activities for the department (exchange programs for students, partnership with other universities, funding expansion, etc) and also to be able to cope with his agenda. Finally, more ways of creating value for the department (perceived benefits/cost) should be a keyword.

Perhaps the best way is to analyze the Business Department as a whole by studying factors such as: environment (other universities business programs, economy downturn, technology, etc), strategies (goals, core capabilities, knowledge, pleasant, and reliable), inputs (materials, equipment, faculty, etc) processes and control (seminars, workshops, conferences, business trips, etc). These factors may measure the final output, which can be seen on the quality of students graduating from the Business Department and the application of research.

Productivity is defined as the ratio of output (including both goods and services) to the input used to produce it. How could the productivity of the Business School be measured? What would the effect be on productivity if the faculty all received a 10 percent raise but continued to teach the same number of classes and students? Based on focusing on qualitative standards rather than quantitative, we can consider: – The number of hours taught by a professor and the number of students approved in a class at the end of a semester.

The number of hours worked by a research student and the numbers of publications approved in one year. – Managing successfully a 5% increase of the total student enrollment per year. The effect of productivity on the faculty receiving a 10 percent raise would be increased as long as they maintained qualitative procedures as their main priority. This means, not only compromising its faculty but also all staff areas to carry out their responsibilities towards students. In the long run, prestigious and trust would be automatically earned and therefore more opportunities can be foreseen.

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