Jack Johnson – “Sleep Through the Static”

10 October 2018

Last February, the beloved Hawaii-born Jack Johnson released his fourth brilliant ­album. The artist has come a long way since his first CD, “Brushfire Fairytales” (2001), and has showed the world his maturity in his latest album, “Sleep Through the Static.”

Keeping his peaceful, relaxing rhythms and tones, he is the same old Jack we know and love. However, in this album, he has strayed from goofy lyrics, like those in ­“Banana Pancakes,” and ­matured, taking a deeper outlook on life and love.

This album’s first single, “If I Had Eyes,” has not only a catchy beat but also relatable lyrics about a failed relationship. From there, Johnson demonstrates his ability to jump from upbeat tempos to soft ballads.

As the album progresses, the soothing tones remain and the listener experiences relaxing, beach-friendly beats. The CD also features two touching songs: “Angel,” for his wife, and “Go On,” about watching his children grow up.

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Other tracks featuring Johnson’s opinions on love and the struggles of life inspire us to sing along and agree.

By making a few changes and creating a certain uniqueness, Johnson has set a chill tone for people everywhere to enjoy.

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