Jackie Robinson

2 February 2018

Jackie Robinson The Author of Jackie Robinson is Manfred Widower. The book was published by Athenian books in 1993. The book “Jackie Robinson” is a biography because it talks about his life and how he grew up as a black baseball player for the Dodgers. He also led the way and showed how he broke the color barrier.

The subject of the book is Jackie Robinson. The main idea of the book is how Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in an era where whites dominated the sport of baseball. Jackie Robinson was born on January 31, 191 9 Cairo, Georgia. He died October 24, 1972. He was at the age of 53.He attended and went to UCLA for college. Jackie Robinson was a natural athlete in his time.

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At UCLA Jackie was on the track and field team. He also played football and basketball. In 1942 Jackie Robinson was drafted into the army. After the war he played with his old football team. Jackass’s baseball debut for the Brooklyn Dodgers was in April 1947. Jackie continued to be the All- American player. Through his natural talents and only after his first year in the Major Leagues, Jackie won the Major League Baseball (ML) Rookie of the Year Award.

A couple years later, Jackie was the 1949 National League Most valuable Player.He was an All-star Six times (1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, and 1954). His team won the World Series in 1955. His jersey, number 42 was retired by all ML_B teams. He made the ML_B All-Century Team. Jackie Robinson was introduced into the Hall of Fame in 1962 with 77. 5% vote on his first ballot.

He had the batting average of . 31 1. He had 1,518 hits. He had 137 home runs with 734 Runs Batted In. He had 197 stolen bases. The group of people that this book is directed to can be anyone who is undergoing how the color barrier was broken and how was life like in the sass’s.This book taught me that even though you went to war and came back, you have to live your life that you had before you went to war.

You can’t just give up and say “l can’t do anything since I saw my friends die. ” So you got to move on when things are bad. The Author of the book was set out to tell us how Jackie Robinsons life was and how he broke the color barrier. Yes, Manfred Widower was successful because the person who reads this book would have a great understanding on what Jackie Robinson did, not only for myself, but for all the Black Americans and every athlete.This book “Jackie Robinson” is great. One good thing about this book is that it goes in a timeline. It doesn’t skip spots in his life so you don’t get lost what is happening.

I got bored reading about Jackie Robinsons life when he was not playing baseball. I just wanted to know about his life when he was playing baseball and how other people thought about having a black person playing on their team. I learned that even though no one respects you, you keep trying and one day you will earn and get respect.

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