Jackie Robinson

2 February 2018

From this humble beginning would grow the first baseball player to break Major League Baseball’s color barrier that segregated the sport for more than fifty years (http:// www. Cerebrations. Com/about/bio. HTML). As a child, Jackie went to school like any other kid, but he went to an all black kids school. Jackie earned good grades during school and still played sports.

He Went to college at UCLA and became the first four-letter man playing the following sports: baseball, football, basketball, and track. While attending UCLA he met Rachel Sum and married her on F-February 10, 1946.They had three children: Jackie Jar. (died in 1971 ), Sharon, and David. Jackie had enjoyed playing sports in his holding, but who knew that one day he would change American history. Sports had an impact in a big part in Jackass’s life. In 1941 Jackie went to Honolulu, Hawaii to play football for the racially integrated and semi-pro Honolulu Bears.

Jackie Robinson Essay Example

He went back to California to become a running back for the Los Angels Bulldogs, but the united States had gotten attacked at Pearl Harbor, and his football career did not go on.Jackie set-Veda in the US Army in 1939 to 1941. After serving in the army, he decided to play for the Kansas City Monarchs all black baseball team. In 1946, Jackie met Branch Rickety, the Brooklyn Dodgers’ manager, and signed a baseball contract to play for the Dodgers. Finally Jackass’s baseball career began. On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson played his first major league game and broke the color barrier. The Dodgers did not want Jackie on the team whatsoever.

Pee Wee Reese accepted Jackie as a member on the team and accepted him as a person.His baseball career started off with fans booing and threatening him while playing on the field. The threatening went so far, that the fans said that they would kill him and his family if Jackie did not quit baseball. Jackass’s baseball rarer did not go as planned, but he learned that if he could just ignore the threats, he could play the sport that he loved. Although Robinson had to endure racial comments, it made him grow as a ball player and also grow as a better person. His career had gotten a little better after the fans notice how well he played baseball.There came a time when Jackie heckled an umpire and got yelled at, but instead Of getting upset, Jackie was happy because the umpire had treated him like any other player.

Jackie became even more famous by playing on second base than playing first. In 1 947, Jackie led the league in stolen bases and became second in the number of home runs scored. Although the Dodgers lost the 1947 World Series to Joe DiMaggio New York Yankees in seven games, Robinson had succeeded in altering the landscape of Major League Baseball for the better and had an incredible impact in helping initiate America’s Civil Rights Movement.Robinson, despite overwhelming resistance and racial prejudice from many fans, opposing teams, and even teammates, ended up becoming one of the most beloved figures in the history’ of the game. Jackie became the first black baseball layer to win Rookie of the Year, MAP, and inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame. The things Jackie came to believe affected his life, and this may be one of the many things Branch Rickety had become so impressed with him. Also known for involving in civil rights, Jackie Robinson made a positive impact.

Robinson got into business and politics.He became an executive with Chock Full O’ Nuts and also became a uniquely powerful spokesperson for civil rights. Jackie and his wife, Rachel Robinson, held a jazz concert for bail money for civil rights protesters that had gotten arrested and put in jail like Martin Luther King Jar. Jackie had worked with Martin during the Civil Rights Movement. They worked well in the North about civil rights as well as they did in the South. Ralph Bunched became another person that Jackie worked with. Jackie had defended Bunches integrity when white men had muzzled Bunched.

Jackie worked with the NAACP, a program where blacks help each other with civil rights. Jackie really struggled for equal rights among blacks and whites. Jackie quotes, “There is not an American in this country that is free until every one of us is free. ” He explains that no white man can have upper rights than blacks. Unless the blacks have equal rights then everyone in America can earn their freedom. As a civil rights activist, Jackie worked with many civil rights leaders including Martin Luther King Jar. , Nelson Rockefeller, and John F.

Kennedy.Jackie also cared deeply about it and tried to work with children in his community. He wanted teach children how they can also make a difference in civil rights. Jackass’s greatest success in sports changed the United States by breaking down racial barriers. When Jackie became a major league baseball star, he proved that it does not matter what the person’s skin looks likes, but only the person’s ability matters. The long and difficult path towards the acceptance had dragged on forever. Jackie had struggled to let people know that whites and blacks should all come together and treated equally.

The racial comments, disturbing threats, and taking control over the blacks, it all had to stop. It finally did on April 15, 1947, when Jack Roosevelt Robinson broke the color barrier (http://whim. Ethnomusicology. Com). (http:// www. Occidentalizes. Com/article”2968/ how_Jackie_Robinson_faith_helped_him.

HTML). Jackie Robinson died of a heart attack at age fifty, but people came to always remember him and his legacy. Jackie Robinson changed how he lived his life and every other black person’s life because of what he did and how he did it. He surely will stay one of the most loved players of all time.Having changed people look at baseball, Robinson changed the hearts of many Americans who had despised many blacks. Jackie did the country more good than he ever knew, and all he wanted to do had to revolve around baseball. Jackie did not know that he would change the country, but it happened to come about something that God had planned for him to do, and because of Jackass’s strong faith, he let all people know that he wanted to change how things have placed at a time as this and that no one could ever change it.

Jackie changed how baseball came about to play.Baseball will no longer take place as a white man’s sport, but a sport for all races. Jackie Robinson made it possible for young African American children to play baseball today. He made a difference in the many hearts of thousands of Americans. Jackass’s life and legacy will live to remember as one of the most important figures in American history. In 1 997, the world celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of Jackie breaking Major League’s lour barrier. In doing so, people honored the man who stood defiantly against those who threatened him, his family, and his race.

Jackie Robinson will never consist forgetful moments in a lot of ball players’ lives. Those people will always remember how blacks and whites and any other race played together as one team and one big family. “A life is not is not important except the impact it has on other lives. ” His famous quote gave meaning to the way baseball had been played. He made the Brooklyn Dodgers very proud and those who have remembered Jackie will remember IM as a person who played as a great ball player. Most importantly, Jackie could image a person who changed the lives of many people throughout the country.Jackie had made a huge impact on civil rights, race issues, and the meaning of how people play baseball.

He has the figure of a person who seeks to change the minds of Americans. He will go on loved as a son, a father, and husband, and an extraordinary baseball player. Jackie had lived through all the things he had expected to happen, and some things he did not expect. The biggest thing Jackie could live to see happen consisted of blacks, whites, Hispanics, and Asians play baseball together without any fans threatening the players, without racial comments, or booing and yelling at the players.Jackie Robinson lived a life enduring things he probably could not ever imagine. To live through all the qualities Jackie had to endure would most likely challenge the feelings of many Americans. Jackass’s life can bring meaning to those who do endure racial statements to those who do not believe that whites and blacks can come together as one.

Turning out to become one of the most famous and admired people, Jackie Robinson enhances that characteristic. God honored Jackie Robinson through his ability to play baseball and break the color barrier. For we hold that one is justified by faith apart from works Of the law. ” (Romans 3:28). Jackie had God at his side wherever he went, whenever he played, and whatever he did to change things the way that things were. Jackie reached the point where he made it possible to let children have the opportunity to participate in the sport that segregated for more than fifty years. God let all the ungodly things happen to Jackie so that great things would later come out of it.

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