Jackie robinson

2 February 2018

Baseball, but he also helped to integrate other sports while encouraging civil rights. Although many people don’t know it, baseball was not the only sport in which Jackie excelled. In 1 941 , Jackie joined the all-American football team at UCLA. This is where he was first able to show of his athletic abilities.

In the same year, Jackie also played track, basketball, and baseball. He was the first student at UCLA to play on four varsity teams in the same year. In 1944, when Jackie was discharged from the army, he started to play baseball professionally.This is when Jackie Robinsons career as a professional baseball player began. When you think of baseball in the sass’s, Jackie Robinsons name probably comes to mind. Jackass’s career officially started when he began his training with the Montreal Royals in 1946. Throughout the season, Jackass’s team mates, fans and people all around America threatened and taunted Jackie with racist comments.

Jackie robinson Essay Example

Even though the racial abuse was a lot to handle, Jackie Robinson got off to an outstanding start on the Royals. This led to Jackie being approached by the Brooklyn Dodgers president, Branch Rickety, in 1947.His first game on the Dodgers marked the first time that of African American played Major League Baseball. Even after Jackie died on October 24th, 1972, his long, legendary career lives on through Major League Baseball. In 1997, the 50th anniversary of Jackie Robinsons first game in the Major leagues was celebrated. This marked the day that baseball became integrated in 1947. Jackie Robinson was an outstanding baseball player and by playing baseball, he was able to change the nation.

Although Jackie Robinson contributed a lot to the sports field, he was also n active member of the civil rights movement.A lot of people have learned about when Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat in the front Of the bus to a white man, but not many people realize that Jackie Robinson did the same thing. Jackie was forced to face the court-martial because he refused to sit on the back of the bus. He did this to stand up for himself and black rights. The court-martial acquitted him of the charges. He was also a participant in charity work. Charities that helped black families in poverty were a high priority for Jackie Robinson.

This was important to Jackie because when he was growing up his family was very poor with little opportunities as the minorities in their communities. These charities contributed to the civil rights movement by bringing attention to the poverty spread throughout black areas of society. The most important thing that Jackie Robinson did for civil rights was support Governor Rockefeller campaign. Governor Rockefeller wanted civil rights for all and make segregation a thing of the past. His work towards the civil rights movement shows that Jackie Robinson did a lot for the nation.There is no doubt attacked Robinson is a legendary African American. If it wasn’t for his contributions to the sports industry and to the civil rights movement, integration would not be how it is today.

Jackie Robinson was a legend in the making growing up in Cairo, Georgia. He played on four varsity teams in the same year at UCLA and then was the first Black Major League Baseball player, After playing baseball, Civil rights became a priority in Jackass’s life. For all of these reasons and many more, Jackie Robinson should be included in an exhibit in our museum.

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