Jackie Robinson

2 February 2018

Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson was born in Georgia in 191 9 to a family of sharecroppers. Jackie is historically recognized for his most significant impact on American society of breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball in 1947. After his initial introduction to the Major Leagues with the Brooklyn Dodgers, Jackie became the target of white race criticism all around the league including players and coaches.

His challenge with the racism around the league was to not fight back, but stay a quiet, polite, ordinary baseball player.After his astounding first season and World Series appearance with the Dodgers, he came a true aspiration to African Americans and portrayed that anyone from any racial background is capable of achieving their goals if they set their mind to it. Although he was the first African to play in the ML, he earned the respect of members of the MI-B organization and ended up being known as one of the most talented baseball players of all time.His amazing stats over his career such as leading the league in stolen bases, double plays as a second baseman, his impressive batting average, and his MAP award, led to his induction to the Hall of Fame in 1962. His most famous statistic in his baseball career is his 19 stolen bases home. In 1997, the ML decided to retire the number 42 for all teams in Jackass’s honor, which prevents a player from ever wearing the number 42 again in ML history.After his career in baseball, Jackie continued to fight to improve the quality of life not only for Africans but also for society as a whole.

Jackie Robinson Essay Example

He also became Vice President of Chock Full Nuts in 1957 and became the first African to do so in a major corporation. Robinson became an activist and leader of the African community with the NAACP in 1957 to raise money and ultimately end segregation. In his attempt to end the discrimination, he gave speeches, encouraged new ideas, marched and stood at protests fighting for a better life among society.

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