Jackie Robinson: A legacy

2 February 2018

The Roaring twenties had a lot happening for the people of America.

This is the time when the stock market crashed, prohibition was in full swing, and racism was strongly agreed upon. This is the decade of prosperity and dissipation. This era was filled with jazz music, bootleggers, flappers and speakeasies. On August, 18, 1920, The Woman’s Suffrage Amendment to the U. S Constitution was ratified. This was huge that women could now vote. A lot was happening already in the 1 ass’s and something even bigger was about to occur.

Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia in 1919. His four siblings ND his mother was all he had known in the prejudice world that they lived in. Growing up in a single parent family, Jackie loved to play sports and was excellent at all he played. Jackie went on to UCLA and became the first athlete to win varsity letters in four sports.

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He won in baseball, football, basketball and track. In 1 941 Jackie was put on to the All American football team the Honolulu Bears. Jackie had to leave college because of financial problems.

Jackie decided to join the army and after two years he was honorably charged because of racial issues that he had. In spring of 1945 Jackie joins the Negro Baseball League and plays for the Kansas City Monarchs. He goes on to play on the American All Stars team. On April 16 of the same year he had tryout for the Boston Red Sox. Neither the players nor the coach showed up for his tryout. He joined the Dodger Organization and signed a contract to play with the Montreal Royal of the International League. He received a six hundred per month salary, and a three thousand five hundred bonus.

Jackie test married to Rachel ‘sum and leaves soon for spring training. This is where he meets another African American player. The Montreal Royals are locked out of the stadium because there are African American players on the team. Jackie was the first Negro player to ever play in organized baseball. His first game he hit four times, got three singles, a home run, scored three times and drove in four runs. Montreal one 14-1 . His team won the Little World Series.

Jackie finished the season as the International League batting champion. InFebruary of 1 947 the Brooklyn Dodgers sign Jackie. In October of the same year he is voted the first ever major league Rookie of the Year. He also finished fifth in the National League’s Most Valuable Player. In July of 1 949 Jackie joins Roy Campanile, Don Newcomer and Larry Dobby as the first African Americans to play in an All Star Game On July 18 Jackie testifies before the House Un-American Activities Committee about the role of blacks in the military an dhow this is unfair. In October Jackie is named the National ague Most Valuable Player.He wins the batting title by batting .

342, with 203 hits, 124 Rib’s and 37 stolen bases. In 1962 Jackie was inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame. As an African American player Jackie Robinson was judged by the whole country. His life and legacy will be remembered for ongoing time. He broke the color barrier of Major League Baseball. He stood up against people for racial equality to be able to do the things he loved and that was playing sports. Jackie never gave up.

He showed persistence and he changed the way baseball is played today.

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