Jackie Robinson and the dodgers

1 January 2018

Mary Kay Linger wrote a biography about Jackie Robinsons life and all of the the great things he did and the struggles he went through from a child to an adult. In her book, Jackie Robinson: A Biography, she specifically talks about Robinsons childhood and she states, “The food he collected this way made a real difference, because in the mid-19205 the Robinson family was just scraping by’ (Linger 1).

This quote easily shows the reader that the Robinson family was poor and could barely afford to buy food. Since Jackie was a very athletic person he would play for food and money to help his family.Jackie was very helpful and tried to support his family any way he could, even if that meant he didn’t get to eat dinner that night and giving it to his mother or one of his our siblings. Steve Jacobsen wrote a book about the other players besides Jackie Robinson who made it easier for African Americans to be treated equally and help break the Major Leagues color barrier. In Jacobsen book, Carrying Jackass’s Torch: The Players who integrated Baseball– and America, he quotes, ” Robinson, a great college athlete in football, baseball, track, and basketball, was fresh out of the army and had not played any baseball for six years” (Jacobsen 6). His passage specifically talks about Jackie Robinsons natural born athleticism through out high school to college. Stating that Jackie as a very athletic African American he also performed greatly in three other sports.

Jackie Robinson and the dodgers Essay Example

Since Jackie attended a white university to excel in his education and also four other sports, this showed that this young African American had athletic abilities that not very many people had, including the other people he played sports with. In Jackie Robinsons earlier life in the military and when Robinson agreed to play for the Brooklyn dodgers.In Scott S. Smith’s article, Jackie Robinson Homebred Against Discrimination, he says, “Three years later, with America in World War II, Robinson was drafted and became an expert Army marksman. He then passed the exam for officer school, but the segregated military wouldn’t promote him. That’s when his pal Joe Louis, the world heavy”eight boxing champion, intervened, and Robinson was made second lieutenant” (Smith 1). This quote shows the reader that Robinsons life didn’t always consist of sports, he also put his life on the line by serving in the U.

S.Army to fight for his country’s freedom. This shows that Robinson had a very kind heart for every human being and he didn’t discriminate against anyone. Even though Jackie passed the exam for officer school and the laity wouldn’t promote him because of his color, Jackie still fulfilled his duties and served to protect his county. In the news article, Jackie Robinson Remembered, talks about his early baseball career. The article states, ” Jackie Robinson was a wonderful player. At Montreal, a part of Triple-A ball, Jackie hit .

349 to win the batting title.He also led the league in stolen bases, with 4(Y’ (Ebony 42). Peter Carlson wrote a periodical about Jackie Robinsons meeting with the Brooklyn Dodgers coach, Bench Rickety, where the two discussed Jackass’s career as a Major League Baseball player and the obstacles he may encounter with other people. Carlson quotes Branch Rickety stating, “Robinson, elm looking for a ballplayer with guts enough not to fight back, ‘ Rickety said. “you’ve got to win this thing with hitting and throwing and fielding ground balls, nothing else! ” (Carlson 29). Owing that Jackie Robinson is an African American, Jackie is going to be taunted and attacked, branch Rickety took the risk of drafting Jackie knowing this type of stuff was going to go on because he had been watching Jackie for a while and knew that he was strong enough to get through it on his own without fighting back and the rage to play the sport he loved to the best of his abilities. Christy Admit wrote a periodical about Jackie Robinsons baseball career as Jackie broke and set new records playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers in Major League Baseball.

In his periodical, Jackie Robinson: How one man changed baseball… ND the World, he talks about Jackass’s career as a baseball player and quotes “In 1947, Jackie began playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers. He was the first black player in the major leagues” (Admit 13-14). During this time period was when segregation was going on and Jackie being the first black player in the major agues showed many people that it’s not about what color you are it is all about talent. Jackie inspired many young African American adults that there was hope to excel in the sport that they love to play and strive to play for a living and get paid.

Stacy M.Brown wrote a periodical about Jackie Robinson “In his first year with the Dodgers, Robinson won the National League’s Rookie of the year after belting 12 home runs,… Two years later, he won the league’s most valuable player award and a batting title after he hit . 342 (Brown 31). Between 1947 and 1956, the Dodgers won six National League Championships and one World Series.

Although appearing in far fewer World Series games than many other players with longer careers, as of 1990, Jackie still ranked eighth for all-time World Series bases on balls and ninth in runs scored and doubles.Patrick Henry wrote an academic journal about Jackie Robinson and his achievements he acquired throughout his life as an athlete in college and a Major League Baseball Player. Patrick Henry states, “He compiled a lifetime batting average of . 311 and led the Dodgers to six pennants in his ten-year stay in Brooklyn. Robinson was elected to the Hall Of Fame in 1 962 in his first year Of eligibility” (Henry 2). In the news article, Baseball Crackerjack Robinson Honored with Congressional Gold Medal, is written by many authors who talk about all the great things Jackie Robinson did as a major league baseball player and after he retired.This article stated, “Jackie Robinson shattered Major League Baseball’s color barrier in 1 947, becoming a sports superstar as a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers” (n.

P. 46). This quote shows that Jackie Robinson was a leader and took heroic actions in helping break a world wide dilemma for African Americans. Robinson became many American’s role model who still believed in justice and equality and showed Americans that there was still hope in achieving their goals without racism taking part in their future.This also immediately showed Jackie Robinson as a symbol of racial progress. Kennedy Stay wrote a periodical about the Jackie Robinson foundation that his wife, Rachel Robinson, established in honorary of Jackass’s death. This foundation presents scholarships and mentoring for Minority College students.

In Stomata’s periodical, Keeper of the Flame, she wrote about a specific time when, “The Jackie Robinson Foundation held a fund-raising event commemorating what would have been the Hall of Fame’s 93rd birthday’ (Stay 1).

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