Jackie Robinson: First African American Baseball Player

1 January 2018

When the time approached for Branch Rickety, the general manager of the Dodgers, to sign Robinson, he had several difficult decisions to make. First, should he sign a black player? And if he did, what were the consequences? Second, did Robinson have the talent to play in the big leagues? But it was the last decision that was the most important, as it concerned Robinsons personal qualities. Was he tough enough in the best sense to confront the certain racial turmoil he would face? So, Rickety took his chance and signed him.In becoming the first black man to play in the major leagues, Robinson encountered racism in its vilest manifestations]racial taunts and slurs, insults on the playing field and off, character assassination, death threats, and anything else the wicked among s in mid-twentieth century America could throw at him. But despite the evil of such provocations he somehow found a way to rise above his tormentors, to literally turn the other cheek and demonstrate that however great his athletic skills, his qualities as a human being were infinitely greater. (Metronomic) It was a tough time for Jackie.

Like Sammy Soya, David Rotor, Carols Bellman, and powerful hitting 1st baseman Carols Delegated. And I am sure more great black ballplayers are soon to come in the future. Jackie Robinson certainly changed the face of baseball. He was a great leader. I’m sure all of the black baseball players sure look up to him. And also, I’m pretty sure when they do something great in the game, they all look up to heaven and they all thank Jackie Robinson for giving them the opportunity for making their dreams come true.

Jackie Robinson: First African American Baseball Player Essay Example

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