Jackie Robinson Hero

1 January 2018

During each at bat Jackie could barely grip the bat with the fans taunting and screaming racist comments to him. Jackie finished the game going O for 3. This was not an impressive start.

Jackie was given a second chance when he started the next game. This time Jackie was focused and ready to play. Like last time he received multiple threat letters. He simply threw them in the trash and hit the field. Fans were furious to see that Jackie was starting again. The stadium was roaring with racial comments when he came out of the dugout. This time the yelling did not affect Jackie.

Jackie Robinson Hero Essay Example

With determination he locked out everything going on except his main objective, which was, to play baseball. So with a smile on Jackass’s face he finished the game going 3 for 4 with 2 stolen bases. Jackie Robinson was a hero. Jackie faced severe obstacles and inspired others with his grace under pressure. Jackass’s grace under pressure inspired thousands of African-American men and women living in America by putting the prejudice and racial strife aside, and showed everyone what a talented player he was. Jackie Robinson inspired his people because he showed them that he could put aside the racial aspect and focus n the game.The courage Jackie Robinson had was unbelievable.

Throughout his career fans threatened to kill him and his family unless he quit. This frightened Jackie the most because he did not want to be responsible for any of his family members getting hurt. EveryВ»O’Hare Jackie went he was always very cautious and skeptical of what may happen. This created much stress for Jackie because he could not go anywhere without fear in his mind. After a week of being on the team Jackie was so terrified that he considered quitting. He thought to himself “Is this worth it? He knew in he back of his mind that if he quit it would all go away. But with courage and determination Jackie inspired thousands of men and women because he never gave up and continued to play.

Just about everywhere Jackie Robinson went he received racial comments from fans. Some fans would throw drinks and food at him. This would cause Jackie to tremble with anger but Jackie became excellent at tolerating their behavior. So many times Jackie wanted to hit one the fans but, no matter how mad they made Jackie, he never once responded with violence.Baseball is an extremely mental sport and they say tinting a baseball from a major league pitcher is the hardest thing to accomplish among sports. With that in mind, it is incredible that Jackie had the ability to block out all of the racist remarks and still be able to focus enough to hit a baseball. Jackass’s composure to not fight back inspired many people.

Jackie Robinson was not only discriminated against from the fans but also his teammates. Many of the teammates did not like the idea of a black player on their team so these players made it tough on Jackie.Some team members created a petition to stop Robinson from joining the team, but ailed when Dodger manager Leo Drencher learned about it. (Brandon) Most of Jackass’s teammates showed him no respect and some would not even look him in the eyes. For example, Jackass’s first homerun gave the Dodgers the lead in the top of the 9th and when Jackie got back to the dugout he only received appreciation and congratulations from his coach and one other teammate. In that circumstance, if one of the white players had hit the homerun the whole team would have been ecstatic to congratulate that player.For myself the best part about baseball was how bonded our team as but for Jackie he was lucky if he could bond with one or two of his teammates.

Jackie inspired people with his persistence to never give up on team no matter how much his teammates despised him because his goal was to play baseball and win the game. Jackie knew that his teammates did not respect him and most people in Jackass’s situation would distance themselves from the team. Jackie was the opposite. He was always friendly and willing to talk with his teammates. Jackass’s first friend on the team was Peewee Reese.When the fifth game was about to start Jackie was leaning on the fence being erased by the fans. When Reese saw the harassing he walked up beside Jackie, put his arm around Jackie and said “Forget those guys Jack, lets play.

” This was such a shock to all the fans in the ballpark. This moment was a huge eye opener to Jackie. It provided Jackie with inspiration and motivation to keep on fighting. Jackie Robinson and Peewee Reese inspired all races during that moment because they had the courage to show everyone that blacks and whites could get along. Other baseball teams despised Jackie Robinson.Especially during the Dodger’s series against the Phillips. During Jackass’s first t bat of the game, starting pitcher Johnny Saint threw a fastball intended for Jackass’s head.

“Saint was not trying to scare Jackie, he was trying to hurt him. ” (Schwartz) This obstacle only brought Jackie more pressure but with Jackass’s grace under pressure he used Saint’s tactics as an advantage. Jackie stood in the box with courage. He would dodge the pitches until Saint threw him something to hit and when Saint threw a pitch over the plate Jackie crushed the ball down the line resulting in a triple.Challenges like this inspired many people because he proved to others that there is no obstacle he could not overcome. Jackie Robinson inspired all with his grace under pressure. Jackass’s grace under pressure led Jackie to an astonishing rookie season.

In Jackass’s first year, he hit 12 homeruns and helped the Dodgers win the National ague pennant. ‘That year, Robinson led the National League in stolen bases and was selected as Rookie of the Year. ” (Allen) The Rookie of the Year award is extremely hard to achieve and fans were shocked to see that a black man won the award.Forty years after Jackie Robinson broke the baseball color line, the award was renamed the Jackie Robinson Award in July 1987. Baseball Almanac) The renaming of the award inspired thousands of men and women and reminded them how much impact Jackie had on our society and the game of baseball. “This was one of the Major League Baseball’s best ever rookie seasons. ” (Galilee) Jackie inspired others because with his grace under pressure he was capable to have an outstanding rookie season along with all the obstacles and racial strife he had to overcome.

Jackie Robinson also inspired individuals with his aggressive baseball tactics.Jackie at the time was excellent at running the bases. During his first season Jackie led the ague with 29 stolen bases and he finished with a career total of 197 stolen bases. This was impressive but what people remembered the most was the first time Jackie stole home. It was game one of the ’55 series and the game was tied 2-2 in the fifth inning against the NY Yankees. ‘ ‘The pitcher on the mound was Frizz Steamroller and earlier that season he intentionally beamed Jackie with a fastball that fired up Jackie and the entire Dodgers dugout. ” (Allen) Jackie was looking for revenge.

So Jackie took a large lead off of third base and just before Steamroller lifted his leg Jackie took off for mom plate. The Yankees were caught off guard and Jackie slid into home just barely beating the tag. This run made the score 3-2 Dodgers and they would later win the game 4-2. After this heroic play Dodger fans fell in love with Jackie. The steal spoke volumes about Robinson, who not only had the talent to break baseball’s color line but the combination of talent, temperament, and timing to hit his detractors where it hurt, on the scoreboard. (Corcoran) Jackie would not use violence to take his revenge out on other teams.Jackie inspired others by seeking out his revenge through the game of baseball.

People honor Jackie Robinson till this day. On April 15, 2004 the NAACP started a tradition called Jackie Robinson Day to celebrate and remember Jackass’s Major League Baseball debut. His debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers ended the eight years of baseball segregation. The Dodgers praised Jackie so much that they retired his number, which was number 42. Years later on April 15, 1997, Jackass’s accomplishments were still so cherished that Major League Baseball retired the number 42 from all Major League Baseball teams.Today Jacks?s number remains to be the only number retired from all of the ML. Men and women Of all races kick up to Jackie Robinson for his courage and persistence through the battle against discrimination.

He did not only contribute to breaking the color line through baseball. “Jackie helped blaze the trail for the Civil Rights movement. ” (Degree) He also helped Martin Luther King, Jar. Raise money for his organization. Jackie Robinson never quit what he started; he showed that he was capable of making change through more than just baseball.Jackie inspired others because he displayed his grace under pressure on and off the baseball field. Jackie Robinson ability to overcome any obstacle was an inspiration to many people.

After Jackie Robinsons baseball career he stated, “Whatever obstacles I found made me fight all the harder. But it would have been impossible for me to fight at all, except that I was sustained by the personal and deep-rooted belief that my fight had a chance. It had a chance because it took place in a free society. Not once was forced to face and fight an immovable object. Not once was the situation so cast-iron rigid that had no chance at all.Free minds and human hearts were at work all around me; and so there was the probability f improvement. I look at my children now, and know that I must still prepare them to meet obstacles and prejudices.

” (Robinson) Jackie did what he did because he cared. He cared so much that is why he was capable of overcoming everything he faced. Jackass’s determination to make a change inspired others to follow in his footsteps, which resulted in breaking the color barrier. In conclusion, Jackie Robinson is hero because of his ability to inspire others with his grace under pressure. He blazed the trail for integrated play in baseball.

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