Jackie Robinson Lecture

2 February 2018

During this era, having blacks and whites associated with each other was unheard of. Yet, Jackie was looked at as someone that could play baseball and this was a time changing event that occurred in our history. Jackie Robinson took the game at Beets Field on April 15th of 1947.

This was his first game to ever play on the Brooklyn Dodgers in Flatfish. This game was played against the Braves, and Jackie started by playing first base. As the first pitch was thrown, the crowd went wild.The stadium was at full capacity of both African American and White fans. As the game continued, Jackie went hitless with three trips to the base. Though he was not at his top performance, seeing him on the field caused the overwhelming excitement to eve throughout the crowd. The black fans were extremely tense yet beyond enthusiastic that they reacted towards everything Jackie did.

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Every step he took, every swing of his bat and ever base he stole caused the uproar of the crowd.The white fans were waiting to see what Jackie had in store for the team. Their hopes were riding on him and what he could make of the Dodgers. By the end of the game, the Dodgers had won five to 3, and the crowd was at an all time excitement level. This was only the beginning for Jackass’s baseball career. At the closure of this lecture, we get a glimpse into Jackie and Rachel together. We learn that Rachel saw Jackass’s three main goals; context, pushing the envelope and ACH evening change.

Robinson was always interesting in getting to the next level.His idea of pushing the envelope is his way of changing the playing fled of baseball. Yes, he achieved change on the baseball field but it is more than just that. He wanted to change the sport as a whole. To integrate the game with African American coaches and managers was his ideal intent of the so-called integration of baseball. As have always heard of Jackie and how he was an amazing baseball layer, and took the African American race to a different level, never actually understood how he changed the American society.By hearing this lecture, and watching the documentary by Kenneth Burns, I felt moved by the impact of Jackie.

When think of the changes we faced with race, I look at how African Americans were able to face their segregation and I think of Martin Luther King Jar. Now, as look at this topic, I view how it was not MILK but Jackie Robinson who actually started the changing views of race. If not for Jackie Robinsons passion to play on a major league team, who knows if African Americans would currently be on Major League Baseball Teams.During the Question and Answer part of the lecture, one question that was brought up that enlightened me was if Jackass’s part in the military helped him to stand up for his beliefs. Believe, just as Professor Somoza stated, that Robinsons experience in the military taught him what it was to be American. He had to fight a war against our foreign enemies and against race. These struggles caused Jackie to grow as an individual and to be able to break the racial barrier in baseball for all the predecessors of him.

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