Jackie Robinson – Pro Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Address

Jackie Robinson Pro Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Address delivered 23 July 1962 Thank you very much, Mr. Frick. First let me say how much of a thrill it is to be coming into the Hall of Fame with Bob Feller, Mr. McKechnie, and Mr. Roush. I want to also let you know that I feel quite inadequate here this afternoon, or this morning. But I think a lot of this has been eliminated, because today, it seems that everything is complete. First of all, I want you to know that this honor that was brought up on me here could not have happened without the great work and the advice and guidance that I’ve had from three of the most wonderful people that I know. And if either of them weren’t here today, I know that this day could not be complete. But, they’re all here and I just hope you don’t mind if I just pay a word of thanks and a tribute to my advisor and a wonderful friend, a man who I considered a father, Mr. Branch Rickey. And my mother, who taught me so much of the important things early in life. I appreciate no end, my mother Mrs. Robinson. And lastly, ladies and gentlemen, my wife, who has been such a wonderful inspiration to me — and the person who has guided and advised me throughout our entire marriage. I couldn’t have been here today without her help. And then I — In sitting down I must thank the baseball writers. I never thought at all that I would have this wonderful honor coming to me so early in my lifetime. And to have the writers to elect me on the first time is a thrill that I shall never forget. We have been up in cloud nine since the election. I don’t ever think I’ll come down. But I want to thank all of the people throughout this country who were just so wonderful during those trying days. I appreciate it at no end. It’s the greatest honor any person could have and I only hope that I’ll be able to live up to this tremendously fine honor. It’s something that I think those of us who are fortunate, again, must use in order to help others — because it’s such a tremendous honor that we should be able to go out and do things to help. I’m just grateful and I’m sorry I’ve taken so long, but I just wanted to you know that I appreciate it so much. Thank you. Book/CDs by Michael E. Eidenmuller, Published by McGraw-Hill (2008) U.S Copyright Status: Text, Audio, Image = Uncertain.
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