Jackie Robinson

4 April 2015
The following essay discusses Jackie Robinson’s baseball history and the way in which he showed Americans the path towards peace.

This essay describes Jackie Robinson’s past as a baseball player from the time he first played major league baseball in the United States in 1947. The writer shows that he had no expectations beyond breaking the color barrier so that blacks as well as whites could play baseball.The aim of this paper is to show that Robinson was a quiet role model for the youth of the world for generations to come a role model demonstrating that one person can speak up for what he knows to be right, and to have it make a difference.
From the paper:

Jackie Robinson Essay Example

“Robinson endured many slights and insults while playing professional baseball. When the Brooklyn Dodgers called him up from their farm club, the president of the Philadelphia Phillies announced that their team would not play the Dodgers as long as Robinson was part of the team. The St. Louis Cardinals threatened to strike. Cooler heads prevailed, and Jackie Robinson played ball. (Mims, 1995).”

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