Jailed for Freedom

4 April 2015
A review of the book “Jailed for Freedom: American Women Win the Vote” by Doris Stevens and its revised and abridged version, edited by Carol O’Hare.

The paper discusses the book Jailed for Freedom: American Women Win the Vote the electric story of the battle for suffrage, written by Doris Stevens in 1920, a leader of the National Woman’s Party (NWP) in that era. The paper then reviews a new, abridged version of the book, edited by Carol O’Hare and shows how this author has changed the book to suit popular audiences more than the academic ones.
Originally brought into a memoir as the history of the National Woman’s Party, the revision of the 1920 edition made its timely appearance in the year celebrating the 75th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment. O’Hare editions aim to keep the narration lively, and to maintain flow and continuity. Yet it is an attempt to retain the integrity of the original in tone and content. The introduction is a capsule to the history of the women’s suffrage movement and the leaders’ strategies and personalities.

Jailed for Freedom Essay Example

Despite the fact that this edition makes a truly heroic story accessible to a larger audience beyond the college classroom, O’Hare has edited out the “minute detail of legislative politics, author bias, and verbiage,” leaving a vivid partisan account that clearly conveys the excitement of both battle and victory.”

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