Jamba Juice Marketing Analysis

4 April 2015
Examines the history, development and products of Jamba Juice, a San Francisco based juice bar company focusing on young health nuts.

Jamba Juice Marketing Analysis
Jamba Juice Company was founded as the Juice Store in 1987. It was the brain-child of Kirk Perron, an exercise enthusiast in the San Francisco Bay Area, who was frustrated that he could not find healthy snacks after his strenuous workouts (Steinhauer, 1997, 2). In 1991, Perron decided to expand the company by franchising fifteen outlets. However, he abandoned this endeavor after becoming dissatisfied with the way the juice bars were being operated. Jamba Juice expects to convert the remaining franchises from Juice Clubs to Jamba Juice bars beginning this year.

Perron sought out private investors, pooled some three million dollars, renamed his juice bars Jamba Juice Co., and …

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