James Dean

4 April 2015
A look at the public and personal lives of James Dean and how his popularity spread following the movie “Rebel without a Cause”.

This paper introduces and discusses James Dean, both his real life, and how it related to his role in the movie “Rebel without a Cause.” It relates the themes of youth violence, and parent/youth relationships between James Dean and his personal life and the movie and real life in the 1950’s.
James Dean was one of the most popular stars of the 1950s. Ironically, he only made three films before he died, but they were all popular at the box office, and increased his popularity with his fans. The film he is most remembered for is Rebel without a Cause, released in 1955, after he was killed in a car accident. Dean has always embodied the bad boy, and Rebel without a Cause did nothing to dispel the legend. Dean lived fast, drove fast, rose quickly in his career, and burned out much too early.

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