James Taylor

11 November 2018

James Taylor put on a performance of his lifetime at the Wang Center November 3rd. This “Interstate 91” tour was amazing. Not only did James Taylor share the splendor of his voice, but so did his brother, Livingston, and his sister, Kate.

My seats allowed me to critique the beautiful, newly decorated ceiling rather than admire the stage. However, this small obstruction did not prevent me from listening to the immaculate sound of James Taylor’s classic and latest hits.

The crowd went wild when he sang the line “The first of December was covered with snow and so was the Turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston” from his song “Sweet Baby James.” James Taylor’s songs bring home the beauty of the New England lifestyle. His most recent hit “Copperline” also received high applause from the crowd.

I strongly urge any James Taylor fans to jump out of their chairs to purchase concert tickets as soon as they hear of his arrival in the Boston area again.

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James Taylor’s “Interstate 91” was a concert I’ll never forget. As he says, “How sweet it is!.” n

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