Jane Addams

1 January 2018

She was from a large family; her father was a well-to-do gentleman; ere mother was very kind, she also had five brothers and sisters. When her mother died, her father remarried and they had two new step- brothers. Jane and her father had a very special relationship; he was there to encourage her and pursue a higher education.

Even though it was expected of most women to get married and become housewives during that time, Jane was not going to settle for an average life. She attended Rockford Seminary for young ladies.She was one of the smartest and well liked people in her school, yet she wanted more. Her parents discouraged her aspirations to obtain a degree in medicine by taking her on a trip to Europe. She became very ill on the duration of this trip and had to return home. Upon arrival, her father passed away which sent Jane into a deep depression. After a long recovery period, she left home for Europe again, but this time, she visited the Toynbee Hall in England.

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This inspired her to open the Hull House with a friend, Ellen Starr.The Hull House, located in Chicago, outlasted the Depression of the 193(Yes. The Hull House became the prime meeting spot for all sociologist’s no matter the race or gender, who simply wanted their voice heard. It did not matter what you said or how you felt. All that mattered was those who wanted meeting, were free to say whatever they wished, speaking their minds. These two served many people in need during times of chaos and despair, and knew just how to handle difficult situations.Also, during this time, she was advocating many things, and they were becoming policies under President Franklin Roosevelt reign.

Addams had many great accomplishments in the sociological area of her life. She contributed greatly, but she was never considered as much as she should have been because she was a woman. She was looked down upon with her thoughts and ideas, and some began to question whether her intentions were safe or not. In a typical life back in Jane Addams’ days, women were supposed to deal with the social work, whereas the men were to dominate the sociological portion.She was considered a social worker, but everyone knows that her greatest accomplishments dealt with sociology. Jane far succeeded the necessities of being labeled a sociologist, but she continued to be ignored. She was not the only one to go unrecognized.

Even those she worked with or associated with were also paid no attention. Another famous sociologist specifically, W. E. B. Dubious, a black man of that time, was also overlooked. Although many supported of her, she would never let them get to her. She knew what she wanted, and what she had to do to get to that point.

Later in life, Jane Addams became a very passionate feminist by philosophy. This was before the time of Women’s Suffrage, so women did not really have a say. In order to be able to do this, she felt that going to the legislation would help solve this, meaning women would have the right to vote. She also thought that women should earn the right to produce aspirations in search of further opportunities to be made recognized. Jane Addams was a committed pacifist and early feminist, opposing to war and violence.Addams also participated in the International Congress of Women and established the Women’s Peace Party in 191 5, while continuing to maintain her pacifist beliefs even after the United States entered World War I in 1917. She supported campaigns for suffering women, and was an outspoken advocate of internationalism, and was always concerned about the needs of others.

Her international efforts were actually noticed in 1931 when she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. She became the 1st American woman to receive the prestigious award. It is obvious that Addams was a very prominent figure in developing sociology.Jane was an astonishing woman, and helped us construct society in a way that is still used today. She was still working hard in The Hull House and other organizations all the way up until her death in 1935. Addams went on to die of cancer, after only three days of even knowing of the illness. The funeral was held in the Hull House, bringing together thousands of people showing their appreciation and support.

She lived a long successful seventy-five years. Jane Addams left this world with something to be proud of; knowing that she influenced thousands Of lives with her many accomplishments.

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