Japan and Germany’s Military Threat on America

4 April 2015
An explanatory paper about the developments that led up to Japan and Germany’s military threat on the U.S. in 1941

This paper takes look at the events that led up to the direct military threat that Japan and Germany imposed on America in 1941. The author examines the causes and U.S. responses to the threat.
`Imperial Japan declared war on China in 1937. Regardless of this aggressive behavior, the United States was the single largest exporter of oil, iron ore (including scrap metal) and bauxite to Japan, despite reports that those materials were being used to build and modernize Japan’s military. In July 1941, finally recognizing the potential threat of Japan as an aggressor, the United States froze Japan’s assets and embargoed oil shipments. Unfortunately, the damage was done. Throughout the Pacific theater, our soldiers lost their lives at the hand of a military built with American steel and aided by American natural resources.`

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