Japan Tsunami Essay

4 April 2017

On March 11, 2011 Japan was hit with a 9. 0 magnitude earthquake that destroyed Japan and surrounding states. The tsunami was formed by an earthquake underwater. Underwater earthquakes happen because of the collision of plates and it causes the fault line to slide, when a force pushes the water upwards that causes many tsunamis which gradually increases till they strike land or shallow water. This in this case happened to Japan.

Before this major tsunami happened in Japan many people didn’t know that they had a magnitude of 5 or higher, of many earthquakes before they had the massive on e that caused the tsunami. Even after the earthquake they received some aftershocks. But the major thing that is affecting Japan and surrounding countries is the nuclear radiation. The radiation is starting to sweep over the coast of California. Japan radiation is so bad that many are dying and they are making people move at least 50 miles away from the plants that were destroyed from the tsunami.

Japan Tsunami Essay Essay Example

Japan is trying to clear the nuclear radiation by having helicopters drop water close to the plant site. They can’t get too close to the nuclear plant site because it will affect all of their equipments by the radiation being so high. So if they get really close, the equipment will stop working so since they can’t get close this is not helping stop the radiation from spreading. But it may be too late because scientists have proven that some of the radiation is coming to the United States even though it isn’t that bad yet.

Many people in Japan have died from the Tsunami it has been an estimated 10,000 and counting. The threat from the radiation and death due to injuries has also increased the count. The world is trying to help Japan by making donations for the survivors. With like water, food, clothing, etc. The military is trying to help out by helping clean up certain parts of Japan so it can get back to its old self. I believe in everyone chipped in to help make a difference Japan will hopefully recover from this disaster tsunami.

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