Japanese Culture

4 April 2015
Compares insights into Japanese culture, value systems, roles of Japanese & Amer. women, ethnocentrism, ethics, modernization. “The Chrysanthemum & The Sword” ( Ruth Benedict ) & “The Japanese Mind” (Robert C Christopher )

A key element of Japanese culture is the cuisine. Japanese food itself is driven by the geography of the country, and the rituals surrounding eating and drinking are derived largely from Shinto belief. Noodles, fish and rice are the staples of Japanese cuisine. That Japan is an island nation results in seafood being the primary source of protein, and some of the world’s most famous fish markets are in Japan. Fish is often consumed raw, either on its own (sashimi) or in rolls (sushi). Japanese cuisine often features noodle soups, flavored with seasonings such as miso or dashi that are derived from local ingredients. In all but the most cosmopolitan cities such as Tokyo, Japanese cuisine is the only form of food to be found easily.
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