Japanese Design in 20th Century

4 April 2015
Evolution of industrial planning, production, miniaturization, technology & marketing in Japan & global market, focusing on electronics & automobiles.

Before the Second World War, Japanese industrial design was rooted in the national tradition of craftsmanship, and was heavily influenced by European schools of design. In the years after the war, however, it was American culture that exerted the greatest pull on the Japanese imagination. American styles, ways of living, production methods, and designs of all kinds were rapidly absorbed by an eager Japanese audience. In the half century that followed the war, Japanese culture took in, and transformed, many American influences. In the area of industrial design, this transformation produced a hybrid that is distinctively Japanese. Examples of this progressive japanization of American influence can be found in such products as consumer electronics and automobiles. These were two of the many areas in which Japanese production, planning, and design..

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