Jason Mraz-

10 October 2019

And while I do realize this cd came out a long time ago. I feel as if for one to fully appreciate the actual music, you must listen to it at least a hundred times. Jason Mraz’s “ We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things” is the epitome of excellence. It’s sheer brilliance with its witty lyrics and catchy tunes. This is simply the way to go when you’re looking for something to sing to on the way home from work or school.
This is clearly a biased opinion you and might as well take it for what its worth. Jason has a great voice and he doesn’t need duets to prove that. This cd features two. “Lucky” he sings with Colbie Caillat and “Details in the Fabric” sung with James Morrison. Don’t get me wrong they both are good songs and worthy enough for you ipod.

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I just think that if he hadn’t included them, that it would have impacted the sales of this item.
He outshines many pop singers in the past who like the island sounds. His voice carries like velvet, which means the high notes ate clearly practiced. But I found great joy in this cd and I hope you will too.

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