Jay-Z, Reasonable Doubt vs. Eminem, the Slim Shady Lp

3 March 2018

Over time, however, hip hop has lost its change agent credence, in part because it as emerged as arguably the most popular music art form among today’s youth. However, the most serious hip-hop critics look both to content, audience, and commercial success. Jay-G’s “Reasonable Doubt” (Released in “1996”) and Amine’s “The Slim Shady LIP” (Released in “1999”) present a difficult binary for fans of the genre. One reason is they generate totally different audiences. Both albums re-defined standards in the industry and forced fans and critics to ask: What does this mean for hip-hop as a movement?Also what does it mean for hip-hop as a business? These two men have redefined the genre as both a business and a political force in overall ways. Hip-hop has expanded and diversified but it’s a people’s movement.

Jay-G’s album speaks the historical, artistic and political tradition of the genre: to the street hustlers, people in urban and ghetto America, to the “Hood”. Amine’s album, by contrast, is not to be taken seriously. Amine revealed his fantastical sexual proclivities, his extreme drug abuse, his violent desires, and his anger towards his mother and ex-wife.These difference will draw two different types of audiences and ultimately fan bases. Amine’s “The Slim Shady LIP” lyrics were “For entertainment purposes and to to be taken seriously. ” “Most songs feature substantial amounts of swearing, homosexual slurs, numerous references to sex and drugs, and over-the-top descriptions of violence. ” (-wisped.

Jay-Z, Reasonable Doubt vs. Eminem, the Slim Shady Lp Essay Example

Org. ) These are topics that the usual die hard hip-hop fan or critic would not gravitate toward musically. This style would also be somewhat new to past popular hip hop artists’ styles.The production credits on “Reasonable Doubt” include DC Premier, Clark Kent, DC Peter Panic, Nobody, and Ski. “The Slim Shady LIP” is mostly produced by DRP Drew, also producers Mark ; Jeff Bass, Mel-Man, and Amine himself are credited. * Most critics would later claim that Amine’s album drew so much attention from controversy; it was ultimately the reason why he sold so many records. People couldn’t believe he could say the things he was saying n his music without being censored and a lot of people were curious to hear it for themselves.

Controversy sales. “The Slim Shady LIP” grasped more of a gossip and trend following audience. By contrast, “Reasonable Doubt” was a word of mouth and more serious hip hoppers audience that were purchasers of the album originally, which most critics say it was a sleeper and is heralded as Jay-G’s “crowning achievements”, “a seminal work” and an “undisputed classic”(-wisped. Org). Also it suffered commercially from a time that hip-hop is dominated by the west coast artist and that the west coast fans didn’t purport east coast artist in those specific times.You could argue that Amine had a west coast, Midwest, and mostly a pop culture audience. Also his audience was mostly white teenagers.

However Amine is hip-hop, he’s a rapper and he is an extremely talented artist. Jay-G’s audience was definitely hip-hop, traditional hip-hop fans and artist alike. He had more of an adult fan base in 1996. At this point in his career Jay-Z is less of a cross-over / international artist than Amine. He has yet to establish the pop culture following that he has today. When it comes to Hip-hop culture “Reasonable Doubt” is an album with very errors lyrical content.The album showcases the talent, the seriousness, the ambition, the lifestyle and the struggle of the young black male: A street hustler from Marcy Projects turned successful entrepreneur.

The album would have more relevance, a bigger impact, and more influence on Hip-hop culture than “The Slim Shady LIP,” an album from a white kid from a trailer park turned mega superstar, that showcases his undeniable talent, but a negative overall message, and an exaggerated persona. Jay-G’s “Reasonable Doubt” lyrical content possesses the cockiness of B.I. G and the takes it to the next level. On a lyrical level he possesses a prowess for crime tale-logy, humorous punch lines, and a soulful demeanor. With lines like (“When it comes to this cheese fall like three blind mice. “) Just for basic for basic rap relate- ability.

However Jay-G’s flow is all his own, and is hard to compare to any other MAC. Each line fits together perfectly into ace verses and much more often than in ass rap “Reasonable Doubt” features great songs that tell the stories of the Mafioso life. Reasonable Doubt” put the east coast back on the map, strengthened the relationship between the mafia lifestyle and the hip pop artist, re-focused attention on the street hustler, and asked the black community to reconsider the real culprit for the black community’s ills. The east coast audience loved the album, and the west coast audience couldn’t deny the quality of the album. Jay-Z re-directed hip hop eyes away from the ongoing beef between east and west coast, and placed his ire towards power structures and money flows.Artistically, Jay-Z demonstrated that he is a storyteller, a lyricist, a troubadour and a comedian. In contrast, when Amine dropped the “Slim Shady LIP”, unlike Jay-Z Amine did not talk about drug dealing.

He talked about murder, rape, and drug abuse. He also had the support of west coast fans on the strength of DRP Drew. In one song Amine is talking cutely to his daughter while dumping her mothers body in the water: “Mama wanted to show you how far she can float / and don’t worry about that little boo-boo on her throat / its just a scratch. Rappers, including Jay-Z on “Reasonable Double’ satirized America’s obsession with the criminal black man, and criminality generally. Hip hop artists have time and again, indicted the war on drugs, in their music, focusing attention to the foolishness of American spending and waste in regulating dope. Amine reversed this tradition. He was not the drug dealer.

He was the drug user, the white man fallen. The lyrical content of “Reasonable Doubt’ has more value, more purpose, and is more positive. It is superior to “The Slim Shady LIP” in terms of lyrical content.So Jay-G’s album will influence a more lyrical audience. Amine’s persona on “The Slim Shady LIP” wasn’t really a persona of hip-hop. He was a different type of criminal. He was deviant, not menacing.

His problems were not generally socio-political in character, and they were psychological as well. Some of Amine’s audience could identify and relate to Hess traits and were drawn in. On the other hand, Jay G’s persona on “Reasonable Doubt” would not dare exhibit a weak psychological mind. A lot of his audience was attracted to him major because of that characteristic alone.Jay-G’s persona was Mafioso, powerful, successful, and rich. He was an achiever. Hip-hop historically, a black man’s art, dismissed a psycho-historical flaw with black masculinity instead hip hop artists indicted white man’s law as the culprit of their ills.

In part, Amine’s obsession with his own psychological drama revealed his privilege as a white man and a white artist. He put his flaws on full display. Mental health professionals might have diagnosed him with a variety of disorders from psychosis to personality disorder, perhaps even schizophrenia.He did not have the same issues with racism, racial profiling, failed schools, etc. He put America’s psychosis and penchant for violence on the map. The commercial success of the “Slim Shady LIP” suggested that it was okay for a white man to rape, a white man to murder, because he grew up poor, the son of a drug addict, the product of a single family home. Through the brilliance of his art, America allowed Amine to chive a certain level of internal peace, clarity and major success, reflecting the commercial standards of the recording industry specifically.

In conclusion both of these artists are known for their lyrical content, their competitive nature, their stage presence, and their ability to sell records – and, also for helping the hip-hop cross over into pop culture. These two are two of the greatest the genre has ever seen. However when it comes to hip- hop there’s always the question about the impact and influence the artists’ debut album had on hip-hop. This is one of the main factors that help determine who is the better artist and/or who had the overall superior album.In conclusion my argument is “Reasonable Doubt” was superior to aha Slim Shady LIP” in all aspects except for its commercial success. Amine’s audience were more likely to purchase and album instead of downloading it. My opinion, based on the points mentioned in my paper “Reasonable Doubt” is a better album than “The Slim Shay and was a better album for hip-hop culture overall.

However Amine’s huge commercial audience allowed him to be compared to the greatest artist in the genre, and also to have a huge impact on hip-hop culture. – LaMar Burgess

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