Jazz 2 Essay Research Paper The band

9 September 2017

Wind 2 Essay, Research Paper

The set played a series of unrecorded classical wind in the concert. Most portion of the concert gave great senses of relaxation and swing feelings by elegant melodies and antic tunes. As an audience, I was truly impressed by the transition in tone and the conspicuous musicianship. I like the manner the orchestra displayed their kineticss. Some parts of the concert were loud while other parts were soft. The difference between these parts showed relaxation and tensenesss of music, which were besides considered as a particular characteristic of Jazz. The vocals played besides have a nice rhythmic round. It s like dance hall manner round, which people can dance to. Then once more, if you close your eyes, it was really light music that people can loosen up their psyches.

The forward portion of the concert was slow and soft music that conveyed the feelings of relaxation. It was a truly nice gap that led audiences into a peaceable ambiance. The get downing portion, which was played by the piano player,

Mike Holober, was filled with tenderness and gave a sense of relaxation. Furthermore, the saxophone subdivision made the music sound more blues and besides gave a sense of sorrowful romantic. However, the music turned brisker and had more swing feelings afterwards. Compared with the soft music that was played before, it was much more energetic and divine people with passion, particularly the drum subdivision. The membranophone subdivision was played in speedy round that embellish the whole piece of music. The silent musicianship between membranophone, saxophone and bass brought audiences into harmoniousness.

Filled with singular musicianship, the pieces played were surely impressive. In add-on, the orchestra was brilliant. Every piece had its ain interesting round, and created a great sense of relaxation. It was a great pleasance to be in the audience. In decision, beauty is in the oculus of the perceiver, and this concert was surely beautiful. Music can therefore be better exposed through such events and greatly enrich our lives.

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