Jazz Music

4 April 2015
This paper examines the history of American jazz music, various jazz artists, cultural, and musical influences.

This paper provides an in depth look at the history of jazz, the early development of the music style, through African American musicians trying to create music that was uplifting; the direct opposite of the blues. The author discusses rhythm and instrumentation, numerous jazz artists and popular tunes.
“Jazz is associated with the African American people and this is an influence unequaled in the field of music. The true spirit of jazz arises from a revolt from convention, custom, authority, and boredom, even sorrow, from everything that would confine the soul of man. The blacks that invented it called their songs the blues, and they weren’t capable of satire or deception. Jazz was their explosive attempt to cast off the blues and be happy, carefree happy, even in the midst of sordidness and sorrow. Jazz is a release of all the suppressed emotions at once. Jazz is a part of the direct process of African American music. In rhythm it goes directly back through ragtime, through the minstrel period, through the spirituals and dances to its African origin.”
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