Jean Watson Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Dr. Jean Watson was born in West Virginia. and has held a distinguished calling. She obtained her Baccalaureate of Nursing. Masters of Science in Nursing in 1966. and an PhD in 1973 from the University of Colorado. She was a Distinguished Professor of Nursing and Chair in Caring Science at the University of Colorado. a chap in the American Academy of Nursing. and Dean of Nursing at the University Health Sciences Center and President of the National League for Nursing. Jean Watson held six honorary Doctoral Degrees. and earned doctor’s degrees in educational psychological science and guidance. Her research was in the country of human lovingness and loss ( Current. 2012 ) .

The Theory of Human Caring was developed in 1979. The theory emphasizes the humanistic facets of nursing in combination with scientific cognition. Watson designed this theory to convey significance and focal point to nursing as a distinguishable wellness profession.

Watson believes that caring is an indorsement of a professional nurses individuality. Harmonizing to Watson. the nurse’s function is to set up a lovingness relationship with patients. She recognizes the patient as a holistic being comprised of head. organic structure. and spirit. The nurse is to expose unconditioned credence and handle all patients with a positive respect. When the nurse does this. disbursement quality clip with her patients. she creates carative minutes ( Fitne. 2012 ) .

Carative minutes are created by a combination of a nurse’s attitude and competency. The nurse has the power to impact her patient’s environment. can may lend to the well being and healing of the patient. If the nurse attends the patient as a individual in a natural and caring manner in that minute with touch or a minute of presence. can supply a profound impact on a patient result. Watson believes these particular “carative” minutes transform both the patient and nurse and associate them in a particular bond ( Fitne. 2012 ) .

The theory consists of 10 primary carative factors:
1. The formation of a humanistic-altruistic system of values 2. The installing of faith-hope
3. The cultivation of sensitiveness to one’s ego and to others 4. The development of a assisting trust relationship
5. The publicity and credence of the look of positive and negative feelings 6. The systematic usage of the scientific problem-solving method for determination doing 7. The publicity of interpersonal teaching-learning

8. The proviso for a supportive. protective and/or disciplinary mental. physical. socio-cultural. and religious environment 9. Aid with the satisfaction of human demands.
10. The aid of existential-phenomenological forces ( Current. 2012 ) .

In mention to the metaparadigm of nursing. harmonizing to Jean Watson the human being refers to “a valued individual in and of him or herself to be cared for. respected. nurtured. understood. and assisted… . is viewed as greater than or different from the amount of his or her parts” ( Current. 2012 ) . Health is defined as a high degree of physical. mental and societal operation. along with adaptative day-to-day operation. and the absence of unwellness. Environment. harmonizing to Jean Watson. is a caring attitude. while nursing is concerned with advancing wellness. forestalling unwellness. caring for the ill and reconstructing wellness. It focuses on wellness publicity. and believes that holistic wellness attention is cardinal to the pattern of caring ( Current. 2012 ) .


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